‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Drive Forms: New abilities revealed in D23 expo trailer


It’s all aboard the hype train for the new Kingdom Hearts game. A heck of a lot of new Kingdom Hearts 3 footage was released at Disney’s D23 expo. In addition to a release date window of 2018, the trailer sheds light on some of Sora’s new drive form abilities.

Let’s take a look.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer: Every drive form shown at D23

The first of Sora’s keyblade transformations is called “double arrowguns,” transforming the keyblade into something similar to dual-wielded pistols that shoot magic-looking missiles.

Kingdom Hearts/YouTube

From there, Sora morphs the keyblade into the “magic launcher,” a much beefier-looking cannon that lobs a giant, explosive ball of magic at enemies.

Kingdom Hearts/YouTube

Once Sora and the gang travel to the miniaturized world of Toy Story, Sora unleashes a few new moves. First, he uses “hyper hammer” against some Heartless in Andy’s driveway, which transforms the keyblade into a comically large hammer.

Kingdom Hearts/YouTube

And, finally, Sora’s keyblade morphs into a giant drill with the “drill punch” drive form. Its most powerful ability deploys a giant whip inspired by the claw machine that the group of alien toys worship from the first Toy Story movie.

The full trailer from D23 is embedded below. Kingdom Hearts 3 will be available in 2018 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer

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