‘Pokémon Go’ Gen 3 and 4: Fan creates chart of most anticipated additions to the game


The Pokémon Go anniversary event continues through July 24, with the gym overhaul is live and raids in full swing. And there’s the rumor that legendaries might show up soon, potentially at the Chicago live event. But the speculation train never stops.

In fact, a fan on the Silph Road has broken down who they think some of the best Pokémon are. But the twist is that they’ve done it for the next two unreleased generations of Pokémon.

Pokémon Go gen 3 and 4: Fan breaks down stand outs from third and fourth generation

On the Silph Road, UW_Unknown_Warrior posted a detailed breakdown of what they believe will be the standout Pokémon of generations three and four. They used the current “best” Pokémon from the game to interpret which ones players should be on the lookout for.


If the gen three and gen four starters never really caught your fancy, UW_Unknown_Warrior has good news for everyone who’s inundated with Sneasel and Swinub candy after the Fire and Ice Event. Both of their evolutions are in Gen 3 and 4, and according to UW_Unknown_Warrior, they have the potential to be quite good.


In a similarly exciting prediction, the ubiquitous Murkrow also has an evolution in gen three and four. According to UW_Unknown_Warrior, Honchkrow will also be a step above what players would expect from such an underwhelming Pokémon.


We know that it’s easy to get excited about this list, but keep in mind that it’s all speculation.

Furthermore, we don’t know when Niantic plans to release gen three or four yet, and the earliest conservative estimate estimate would probably be sometime in the winter, when gen two was released. There’s still a lot to get excited about, and UW_Unknown_Warrior’s rankings are a great place to start if you’re less-than-familiar with gen three and four.

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