Nevada Election Returns LIVE: Obama Has the Lead, But Romney is Closing in


Tuesday evening another swing state in the mix is the state of Nevada. Republicans have had a hard time in Nevada. Most recently, they appeared to be in the running to knock out Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in 2010. Polling was consisent leading up to the Nevada race in 2010 and Sharon Angle was poised to take Harry Reid's job, yet somehow Reid won with plenty of margin to spare 50.3% to 44.6%.

Obama has lead in Nevada the entire time in the Real Clear Politics polling average, but the gap has closen in the last couple of months. Will Mitt Romney do what Sharon Angle was unable to accomplish and put Nevada in the R column or will Barack Obama come away with a win like he did in 2008 with double digits?

PolicyMic will be covering the 2012 election from the state of Nevada live. For live updates, boomark and refresh this page.

Update 11:57pm

Nevada has finally been called for President Obama:

Update 11:41pm

More numbers from Nevada, not that it matters:

Update 11:21pm

If Nevada figured by holding their numbers they would matter more, they screwed up. Their results are no longer needed. The race is over and President Obama has won a second term. Apparently the polls showing Obama up were right afterall.

Update 11:19pm

This night was shorter than expected. Fox News has called the race and President Obama will be reelected:

Update 11:14pm

Fox News just called Ohio for President Obama. If this holds, I do not believe Governor Romney can win and this race is over.

Update 11:11pm

Who is running this gig in Nevada. We are one hour and eleven minutes post polls closing and only 1% are reporting in??? 

Update 11:05pm

Another precinct reporting in Nevada. Romney stays ahead so far:

Update 11:00pm

More polls close. More calls. North Carolina, which was thought to be a shoe in for Mitt Romney has finally gone into his column. The problem for Romney though is that this call came in after a long time. This has got some people scratching their heads wondering why North Carolina was so close.

Other calls include WA, CA, and HI for Obama and Idaho for Romney. Electoral count is now 244 for Obama, 193 for Romney. That means Obama is only 26 electoral votes away from clinching his reelection (Florida would put him over the top).

Update 10:59pm

Almost an hour after polls close, Nevada is finally posting some numbers. You would think there would be more than just 1 precinct though:


Update 10:44pm

I want to go on the record and say that I think it is completely silly to not post any election returns until after ALL polls in your state are confirmed closed. 44 minutes after the polls were supposed to close and still nothing out of Nevada...

Update 10:33pm

Apparently results won't be posted in Nevada until all polls are confirmed closed. They were supposed to close 33 minutes ago... See the results here.

Update 10:29pm

Still no Nevada numbers coming in...starting to get impatient.

Update 10:07pm

Still awaiting numbers from Nevada. The path to victory is starting to look more grim for Governor Romney.

Update 10:00pm

Nevada polls are now closed! Too soon to call Iowa and Nevada. Romney wins Utah and Montana. Electoral count 162 Romney, 157 Obama. 

Update 9:55pm

Obama takes New Hampshire. Not a big state, but one that Romney hoped to win. Electoral count is now 157 Obama to 153 Romney.

Update 9:45pm

Still awaiting polls to close in Nevada. 15 minutes to go!

Update 9:23pm

PA goes to Obama which is a huge upset for Romney who spent a lot of time in PA over the last week. Some pundits on the right are already throwing in the towel:

Update 9:00pm

Lots of calls this hour. Big upset for Romney is that he loses his home state of Michigan:

Update 8:39pm

Did the rape comment hurt Mourdock in Indiana? It appears so!

Update 8:35pm

Quick Ohio update from my favorite Washington reporter Jamie Dupree:

Update 8:30pm

Bill Clinton's home state of Arkansas now in Romney's column. Electoral count sits at 88 Romney, 78 Obama.

Update 8:26pm

Update 8:18pm

Tennessee goes to Romney. Again no surprise. Electoral count is now 82 Romney, 78 Obama.

Update 8:04pm

Big calls this hour! Obama projected to win CT, DE, DC, IL, ME, MD, MA, NJ, RI, and VT. Romney will take AL, GA, IN, KY, MS, OK, SC, and WV. Electoral count now at 78 for Obama, 71 for Romney.

Update 8:00pm

Two hours to go until polls close in Nevada!

Update 7:54pm

No surprise here as my homes state of Georgia goes for Romney putting him up 49 to 3 versus Obama.

Update 7:40pm

South Carolina now called for Mitt Romney. Electoral count at 33 Romney, 3 Obama.

Update 7:32pm

Polls are now closed in Ohio. It will be a while until we know what is going on in that key state. WV is now called for Governor Romney putting his total to 24 electoral votes to Obama's 3.

Update 7:20pm

Third party candidates will likely not play much of a role in Nevada, but they could be the deciding factor in other swing states. We will have to watch for that as the night goes on.

Update 7:15pm

The first round of polls have closed across the nation. So far there isn't much to report. Races have been called in Kentucky and Indiana for Governor Romney and Vermont for President Obama. That puts the electoral count at 19 for Romney, and 3 for Obama.