Nintendo Switch Online App Download: ‘Splatoon 2’ mobile voice chat has arrived for IOS and Android


The Nintendo Switch Online app, originally slated for a July 21 release date, has arrived. The Nintendo app works in tandem with Splatoon 2’s online multiplayer, meaning you’ll have to wait for the paint shooter to arrive before you can really kick the app’s tires. That doesn’t mean you can’t download the app on iOS or Android in advance of Splatoon 2’s launch. Here’s how.

Nintendo Switch Online app download: Where to download on iOS and Android?


Nintendo’s app can be had on both Apple and Google devices. iPhone users can find the iOS app here while Google users can find the Android app here. After installing, the app will lead you through its on-boarding process, showing what you can do with the app — or, more accurately, can’t do at the moment.

The Nintendo app presents an invitation list option, but without Splatoon 2 out, your invitation list is likely barren. SplatNet 2, the dedicated Splatoon section of the app, is an option as well, but also offers nothing to do within its confines.

Xavier Harding/Mic

You can, however, login with your Nintendo credentials and link your account. Upon successful login, you’ll see your Mii avatar appear on screen. Even after logging in, there isn’t much you can do with the app except agree to letting Nintendo send you push notifications.

Xavier Harding/Mic

Players will have to wait for July 21 to get into the real juicy stuff for Nintendo’s Switch app. In the meantime, grab the app from your respective store in advance of your next turf war battle.

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