Breaking: President Barack Obama win Ohio, Re-Election


All eyes will be on Ohio Tuesday evening as this year's Presidental Election between President Barack Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney will, in all liklihood, be decided by the Buckeye State.

At present, the polls show a slight edge for the President. Yet the Romney campaign has at least three reasons to be confident.

First, following the results of the 2010 midterm elections, registered Republicans outnumber registered Democrats in Ohio. Second, Governor Romney is expected to outperform President Obama among independent voters. This is a critical swing bloc and whoever wins the Independent vote will almost assuredly win the state. Third and lastly, Republicans are perceived to be more enthusiastic than are Democrats for this year's election. Higher enthusiasm translates into higher voter turnout that, given the GOP's initial lead in registered voters in Ohio, could prove decisive. 

At present the race is a toss up. Stay tuned Tuesday evening to get the latest updates from Ohio!

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9:29 PM-From CNN


Barack Obama-1,118,949        53%

Mitt Romney    -965,564          46%

10:28PM-From CNN


Barack Obama     1,724,341          50%

Mitt Romney        1,644,061          48%        


10:32PM-From CNN

EST: 60% Reporting

Barack Obama-1,784,622    50%

Mitt Romney-   1,729,689    48%



Breaking CNN:President Barack Obama wins re-election by winning Ohio  

EST: 72% Reporting


Barack Obama-   2,118,514   50%

Mitt Romney-      2,072,020   49%