‘Destiny 2’ Beta Exotics: Everything you need to know about the new exotic weapons


The Destiny 2 beta has arrived — and with it is the answers to some questions that fans have been curious about since the game was announced. One big question: What kinds of exotics are there? Well, we have some answers for you.

Destiny 2 beta exotics: Here’s how the new exotic weapons work

There are three exotics in the Destiny 2 beta so far — one for each class.

Titan: Sweet Business

Warlock: Riskrunner

Hunter: Sunshot

Given that there were about 100 exotic weapons in the first game, we can imagine that this will increase by the time the actual game comes. You get the exotic weapon fairly early in the beta run so you’ll get a lot of time to try it out.

Eurogamer was kind enough to break down the specs of each weapon. Here’s the important info:

Type: Solar Hand Cannon
Type: Kinetic Auto Rifle
Type: Energy Arc Submachinegun

The Destiny 2 beta is running now and ends July 23 ahead of the game’s official release on Sept. 6.

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