‘Pokémon Go’ 0.69.0 APK: Update datamine offers fest insights and more legendaries code


A new Pokémon Go APK datamine just showed up on the Silph Road, and there are a lot of changes coming. Pokémon Go Fest, the game’s first live event, takes place in Chicago’s Grant Park on July 22 and this upcoming patch might release to commemorate it.

Players have already gotten some insight on what those both in and outside the event can expect, but there’s always room for a little speculation. Here’s what we’ve learned.

Pokémon Go APK 0.69.0: Update code contains Pokémon Go fest implementations and quality-of-life fixes

According to the Silph Road, APK 0.69.0 is huge because it offers more than just hints about what’s to come. A large portion of the update focused on changes coming ahead of the live event. Specifically, the code promised a special event badge, special PokéStops and Gyms as well as a special raid pass, which looks like this:

The Silph Road

Additionally, the Silph Road reported code in the game that seemed designed to bar cheaters and spoofers from entering the event. Perhaps the most telling inclusion was that of a QR code scanner, which Silph Road moderator dronpes noted, “will be a heck of a lot more secure than checking a name off a clipboard!”

Along with event-specific updates, the APK also contained quality-of-life updates for various mechanics. The Silph Road logged changes to the way berries are administered, with different berries having different effectivenesses, as well as fixes to the Pokémon Go Plus peripheral and heal and health bar fixes as well.

Pokémon Go APK 0.69.0: More hints about what’s to come with legendary Pokémon

Finally, APK 0.69.0 also gave players another look into what’s coming down the pipe for legendary Pokémon. According to the data mine, there’s a lot to dig into. The Silph Road found a new attribute for all Pokémon called “IsLegendaryOrMythic,” as well as a new warning message for if you try to transfer a legendary and a new error message for when you try to deploy a legendary Pokémon to a gym.

Data miners also found several new art assets — a legendary raid icon featuring Gen 2’s Lugia, and a new victory banner for the same — that the Silph Road withheld for the sake of not spoiling them.

With all this information, it looks like it’s only a matter of time before trainers are able to catch legendary Pokémon in Pokémon Go.

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