‘Destiny 2’ Controls: Does the beta handle differently than the first game?


Destiny 2’s beta will be live for preorders on both PS4 and Xbox One by the end of Wednesday, but if you didn’t preorder, you might be curious how it controls. The one thing most people can agree on about Destiny is that its shooting was best-in-class for a console FPS, with buttery smooth aiming, ultra-satisfying headshots and some of the best melee attacks in the genre. It would be a real shame if that were to change in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 controls: It plays just like the original, and that’s a good thing

According to Heavy, the basic controls dictating super attacks are the same in the new game — and my coworkers tell me in Slack that everything else is as you’d expect. Left trigger to aim, right trigger to shoot, shoulder buttons for abilities and all that other fun stuff have been maintained.

That IGN video of the campaign mission in the beta shows off what moment-to-moment gameplay in Destiny 2 looks like. Guess what? It looks like a flashier, prettier Destiny. Hooray.

This is good news. Destiny didn’t need wholesale gameplay changes, it just needed everything around the shooting to be better. If Destiny 2 still has the great shooting of the original with an actual story and more stuff to do, count us in.

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