North Carolina 2012 Election Results LIVE: Obama and Romney Battle For Critical Swing State


On Tuesday, the nation will have its eyes on North Carolina as a key state in the race for the White House.  President Obama won North Carolina by 14,000 votes in 2008 on his way to a landslide victory.  If Mitt Romney is going to take the White House, he is going to have to turn North Carolina red again.

In 2008, there was a growing progressive movement in the state, but the mid-term elections sparked a return to conservatism.  The Republicans took control of the house and senate in the General Assembly and are highly favored to take the Governor’s seat.  North Carolina would have a Republican Governor for the first time since 1988.

The polls have the race for the White House tight in North Carolina.  Although, some polls show a tie, the majority show Romney with a lead.  The difference could be with early voting.  The democrats typically have a better ground game and that helps with early voting and this year’s numbers prove that.  It has been a record breaking year with almost 3 million voters early, which is 40% of registered voters in the state.

With outside money pouring into the state from conservative groups for down ballot races, there is a going to be a big push for Election Day voter turnout for republicans.  That combined with the early voting numbers is providing the makings of an exciting Tuesday in North Carolina.

PolicyMic will be covering the 2012 election from North Carolina live. For live updates, bookmark and refresh this page.

UPDATE 11:03 pm Election Night: Romney turns North Carolina Red again

CNN has called North Carolina for Mitt Romney.  There was some home that Obama could close the gap, but with 97% of precincts reporting there simply aren't enough votes left.  It has been a big night for Republicans in North Carolina tonight.  They picked up seats in Congress, won the Governor and LT. Governor. Most importantly, they will retain control of the State House and Senate.  Big changes will be made here.

UPDATE 10:45 pm Election Night: Redistricting Success for Republicans

It looks like the redistricting maps will pay off for Republicans in NC.  12 of the 13 races have been called.  Republicans have won 9 of them.

UPDATE 10:38 pm Election Night: Still hope for Obama in NC?

The counties not fully reporting in North Carolina are strongholds for the DNC.  Still room for Obama to make up the short distance between him and Romney.  Mecklenburg County with Charlotte could play a huge role.

UPDATE 10:16 pm Election Night: Current NC Map

UPDATE 10:15 pm Election Night: Time Running out in NC

With 91% of precints reporting, it is looking like Romney will turn NC back red.

UPDATE 10:00 pm Election Night: Mixed Tea Party Results

It looks like mixed results for the Tea Party in North Carolina.  Tea Party Republican Renee Elmers retains her seat, but John Tedesco has lost his bid to rise from Wake County School Board to Superintendent of Public Instruction.

UPDATE 9:53 pm Election Night: Republican Gains

With more precints reporting it looks like in addition to the Governor, Republicans are also going to pick up the LT. Governor.  With 86% of precints reporting Republican Dan Forest has a almost a 50k vote lead.

UPDATE 9:40 pm Election Night: Romney maintaining lead

With 37 out of 100 counties fully reporting and 50 out of 100 reporting, Romney is maintaining his lead.  It currently sits at 1,833,217 - 1,716,280

UPDATE 9:23 pm Election Night: Snapshot of the NC Results

Quick snapshot of the NC numbers

UPDATE 9:05 pm Election Night: Governor Race Called.

WRAL is calling Republican Pat McCrory as the winner.  Republicans will have control of the house, senate and Governor.  Things could get interesting with the state budget, taxes, education, and the enviroment.

UPDATE 8:57 pm Election Night: LT Governor Race

Quick look at the race for LT Governor

UPDATE 8:45 pm Election Night: Early Look at the Map

Current look of the election map in NC

UPDATE 8:38 pm Election Night: Counties Reporting

Here is a quick snapshot of the counties reporting and partially reporting in North Carolina

UPDATE 8:30 pm Election Night: Tea Party Casualty?

Tea Party supported candidate John Tedesco of Wake County School Board fame is losing in his race for Superintendent of Public Instruction.

UPDATE 8:19 pm Election Night: Republicans gaining a congressional seat?

Early returns have the Republican challenger Richard Hudson  leading Larry Kissell in District 8 by about 20k votes.

UPDATE 8:14 pm Election Night: Romney Moves Ahead

The latest results from the NC State Board of Elections has Romney with a narrow lead 1,059,032 - 1,058,302.

UPDATE 8:03 pm Election Night: Early Governor Returns

As results slowly come in Republican Pat McCrory has a lead of 907,625 - 783,635

UPDATE 7:54 pm Election Night: More Early Returns

A look at the early Presidential Results in NC

UPDATE 7:45 pm Election Night: Write In Votes

So far 1,936 ballots had a write in candidate.  I wonder how many were for me?  Probably 0.

UPDATE 7:40 pm Election Night: Early Returns from NC

As the first set of returns start to roll in Obama is leading Romney 452,475 - 444,195

UPDATE 7:37 pm Election Night: Congressional Redistricting Map

UPDATE 7:31 pm Election Night: Let the counting begin

If you aren't already in line to vote it is too late.  The polls in North Carolina are now closed, and the counting has begun!

UPDATE 7:25 pm Election Night: NC Election Results

5 minutes until these numbers begin to change!

UPDATE 7:19 pm Election Night: Duke Mormons

Duke Mormons weigh in on what a Romney Candidacy has done for their faith.

UPDATE 7:10 pm Election Night: 13 NC Congressional Seats

Another set of important races for NC are the Congressional Seats.  There are 13 seats for the state and with redistricting maps in place Republicans could see some gains there as well. Redistricting in North Carolina could help increase the hold on the House in Washington D.C.

UPDATE 7:00 pm Election Night: First Poll Closings - Still time in NC

The first polls are closing, and results will be coming in.  There is still just under 30 minutes to cast your vote in North Carolina.

UPDATE 6:55 pm Election Night: Race for Governor

The next biggest race in NC is the race of Governor.  A Republican hasn't won since 1988, but the last 2 Democratic Governors had scandal, and current Governor Bev. Purdue has been largely ineffective.  Republican candidate Pat McCrory is poised to win the state.  This is significant because the Republicans would have control of the State House, Senate, and Governor.  Giving Republicans in the state a rare opportunity to push their agenda.

UPDATE 6:45 pm Election Day: Final Stretch

We are in the final stretch in North Carolina.  There is less than an hour until the polls close.  Lines may get longer as people get off work and go to their polling station.  Remember even after the polls close if you were already in line you can still vote!

UPDATE 5:33 pm Election Day: Poll Closing Draws Closer

We are just under 2 hours away from the polls closing in North Carolina.  Our neighbors to the north (Virginia) have just under 1.5 hours to kick off the night for the swing states!

UPDATE 2:41 pm Election Day: False Claims of Voter Fraud

Sites have been running false stories about voter fraud in NC due to a number of voters with the age of 112.  The Examiner is still pushing the story as of November 3rd, despite the statement from the Board of Elections that explains why there are numerous voters with that age.  They even use the image of the Facebook posting about multiple votes that has since been debunked

UPDATE 2:06 pm Election Day: Weather Factor?

Will weather be an issue for NC voters heading to the polls?  Doesn't look like it.  There may be some rain across the state, but no significant weather to prevent people from heading to the polls.

UPDATE 11:55 am Election Day: Voter lines

The Durham APRI Chapter posted this picture today of a line of voters waiting to vote.

UPDATE 11:39 am Election Day: Turnout

Election officials in NC, believe that overall turnout will be lower than in 2008.  Despite 41% of the registered voters participating in early voting.  Officials believe that the total number will be 69% voter participation, down a percentage point from 2008.

Who benefits the most? My prediction is that lower turnout will benefit Romney in North Carolina.

UPDATE 11:13 am Election Day: Voter Fraud?

The elderly man in the center of an internet firestorm over supposedly voting multiple times has released a statement.  He says it isn't true and the post was meant to be a joke between he and his daughter.  He as spoken with the police, Board of Elections, and the Attorney General.  He plans to place his one and only vote today.

UPDATE 9:45 am Election Day: Voter Intimidation?

The NAACP is concerned about voter intimidation at the polls.  Both the National and the NC State Chapter have voiced their concerns and want state officials to play close attention, particularly in areas with high concentrations of minority voters.

If you see instances of this call the Election Protection Hotline at 1-866-OUR-VOTE.

UPDATE 8:00 am Election Day: Where is your polling place?

If you don't know where your polling place is, there are resources out there, don't let that stop you from voting.

UPDATE 6:39 am Election Day: Watch out for Voter Misinformation

The head of the State Board of Elections has instructed workers to watch for voter intimidation and misinformation.

UPDATE 6:30 am Election Day: Polls are open!

The polls in North Carolina are now open!  Let the fun begin, and if you didn't participate in early voting go vote and let your voice be heard.  Happy voting everyone!

UPDATE 6:22 AM Election Day: Still Undecided?

If you live in NC and are still undecided on who to vote for from the president down to your local races.  WRAL has a great ballot comparision tool.  All you need to do is out in your address and it will give you all your districts.  Then it will take you race by race and allow you to compare candidates.  Don't allow your lack of information to prevent you from voting.  Get informed and then head to the polls!  Still 8 minutes before the polls open.

UPDTE 6:10 AM November 6, 2012: Election Day is here!

20 minutes until the polls open in North Carolina.  Time for the madness to begin!

UPDATE 5:21 PM November 5, 2012: Final Early Voting Numbers

The final early voting numbers are in with nearly 3 million votes already cast.  The Democrats machine has been working as they make up almost 48% of ballots cast so far.  Can they keep the momentum going tomorrow?

UPDATE 5:11 PM November 5, 2012: Campaigns make a final push

Both campaigns were out in force on the final day before the election.  The highlight was Michelle Obama in Charlotte.  The Romney Campaign, learned from the mistakes of McCain, and has its own ground game in effect.