October Jobs Report: Weakest Economic Recovery Since WWII Will Cost Obama Reelection


Unemployment, new jobs and the economy have all been discussed time and again during this long presidential campaign. Last week’s job report saw an up tick in unemployment yet again — to 7.9%. The number of new jobs was up. However, seasonal hiring would more than account for that increase. Hurricane Sandy had no effect on the October results. This report is the last performance data for voters on the fence before the election on Tuesday.

Voters need to consider more than simply this jobs report. They need to look at this president’s performance in Office. Obama and his administration have played the “he did it” card all too often; it’s like the boy who cried wolf. When you look at the past three years in particular, you see little “change.” At least, little positive change. There is also less freedom than ever before because of  new laws by this administration. Subsequently, Congress has the worst public rating in history and Obama is below 50% job approval, which is where incumbent losers dwell.

Obama promised positive change with a stimulus package that was supposed to bring unemployment to down to 6 %. It never came close. We did however increase the debt to over $16 trillion, lose our credit rating and manage to prevent the economy from improving with government market-meddling measures (from “cash for clunkers” to AIG, Freddie and Fannie bailouts to the Fed’s quantitative easing, that only prolonged the recovery with more debt and devaluation of the dollar).

Perhaps that’s to be expected from Obama, the lawyer who ignores laws. The President is pulling out all the stops ignoring for instance the WARN Act that requires employers to give a 60-day notice of layoffs because it could cost him votes.

Americans are weary of this slow economic recovery (the slowest since WWII). The nation is tired of lawyers in general running this country. It’s time for a change. Why? It’s a matter of trust and we the people have run out of trust in our public officials, especially lawyers that are notorious for unscrupulous actions. Romney worked in the private sector, perhaps he’s the fresh blood we need to bring our country back from the verge of insolvency.