‘Destiny 2’ Infinite Super Beta Glitch: How to get unlimited super attacks


Some intrepid players in the Destiny 2 beta have found a way to rain justice on the forces of darkness with no limits, thanks to an infinite super glitch. One of the coolest things in Destiny is each class’ super attack. Normally, you kill enemies to fill up a meter you can then drain by using an ultra-powerful super move. You know, video game stuff.

How to get infinite super attacks in the Destiny 2 beta

Per Polygon, this can be done in the Inverted Spire strike in the Destiny 2 beta. Instead of actually going where you’re supposed to go when you begin the strike, hang around the starting area and keep killing enemies to build up your super meter. Eventually, enemies riding Pike vehicles will show up. Kill them, but make sure not to kill the Pikes with them. You’ll need one.

The next part is where it gets a bit tricky. You need to activate your super as you’re hopping on the Pike. If you’ve done it correctly, your character will hold their super weapon while they’re piloting the Pike. If not, nothing will happen and your meter will still be full when you get off. The timing is tricky, but this video shows you how to do it:

Once you’ve done that, remain on the Pike and open your inventory. Switch to a different primary weapon and then switch back to the one you originally had, all without exiting the menu. After that, you can leave the menu, get off the Pike and run around the strike using your super with no restrictions.

This is the kind of fun thing you see in a beta — and a feature unlikely to endure to the final release of Destiny 2. Best get on it while you can.

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