‘Destiny 2’ Crucible Changes: Fans don’t like PvP changes affecting PvE gameplay in the beta


One of the most distinctive aspects of Destiny is that its single player, co-op and competitive multiplayer all exist in the same world, with characters bringing their unique attributes to all three modes. That means all three modes need to share the same basic mechanics and logic, which has to be a tough balancing act. It sounds like some fans think Bungie is fumbling this part of Destiny 2, according to VG247.

Some Destiny fans aren’t happy with how weapon slots and power ammo are structured in Destiny 2


Perhaps the biggest change made to the moment-to-moment action in Destiny 2 is that the weapon categories have been rearranged. Put simply, shotguns and sniper rifles are no longer secondary weapons you can use as easily as your primary; they’re now power weapons, in the same category as rocket launchers and the like. That means ammo is harder to come by and you can’t really justify using it on random enemies anymore.

Now, that’s a bummer because shotguns were useful for hordes of smaller enemies in Destiny, while there were situations where you wanted to snipe enemies from afar before moving in to finish them off. Common thinking among Destiny fans is that this has been done to balance competitive multiplayer, but has negated popular strategies in Destiny’s other modes.

Bungie can get around this by designing combat encounters differently so those tactics aren’t needed, but it’s too early to tell if Destiny 2 will do that. VG247 noted that the boss at the end of the one strike in Destiny 2’s beta is still a large bullet sponge like the previous game’s bosses, which sounds less fun without high damage weapons like sniper rifles. Hopefully the whole game isn’t like that.

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