‘Splatoon 2’ Spoilers: How to beat the final boss


You might be wondering what final boss awaits you at the end of the Splatoon 2 single-player hero mode in Octo Canyon. The game won’t be released until Friday, but there’s already been a ton of coverage on new pop stars Marina and Pearl, their band Off the Hook and the new fashion choices you can make for your chic squid.

If you’re in the mood for spoilers — the good kind, not the rotten fish kind — keep scrolling. If you’d prefer to remain in the dark about what’s to come before the game’s release, read no further.

Splatoon 2 final boss: Spoilers for the ending of the game’s single-player mode

If you want the full experience of the game’s final boss fight a day early, YouTube user BeardBear has 100% delivered on the inky goods:

For those of you not inclined to watch the whole video, the final boss is none other than former Squid Sister and recent disappearance from Inkopolis, Callie:


It turns out the reason Callie went bad is due to the hypno-shades she’s wearing, placed on her by none other than DJ Octavio, back for a second round after getting his octo-butt kicked in Splatoon.


Over the course of the boss fight, your job is to shoot at the Octobot King’s fists until Marie can show up and shoot those hypno-shades off Callie. At this point, Callie regains her memories and joins Marie onstage to provide the soundtrack for your final showdown with DJ Octavio.


Once you blast DJ Octavio to kingdom come, you’ll get a short scene with Pearl and Marina announcing the Great Zapfish has been returned to Inkopolis and the Squid Sisters are reunited — and have just released new single “Fresh Start,” which plays over the game’s credits.

That’s really it. Hopefully, knowing this has sated your hunger for those sweet, sweet spoilers and has made waiting until Friday’s release that much easier.

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