Betsy DeVos calls protests against her a “badge of honor”


Betsy DeVos thinks that the protests against her candidacy and tenure have been a “badge of honor.”

At a speech in Denver, Colorado, before the American Legislative Exchange Council, a shadowy conservative group known for influencing state legislatures, DeVos referenced the “excitement” she has caused on the left.

“This advocacy has led to some ... let’s call it ... ‘excitement’ on the Left.” DeVos said according to a transcript of her speech.

She continued by referencing ALEC’s own experience with resistance from the left. “You’re certainly no strangers to organized protests by defenders of the status quo. But, it’s the first time in recent history I’ve been to an event where the protesters aren’t necessarily here just for me!”

She then then went on to say that both she and ALEC should feel honored by the resistance they’ve been met with.

“I consider the ‘excitement’ a badge of honor, and so should you,” she said “Our opponents, the defenders of the status quo, only protest those capable of implementing real change. You represent real change.”

Outside the meeting hundreds of protesters gathered to oppose DeVos and ALEC with signs that read “Dump Betsy DeVos,” “Take Devouchers Elsewhere” and “Stop School Privatization!” according to NPR.

DeVos went on to criticize the American Federation of Teachers, the nation’s largest teacher union, while advocating for “school choice” programs widely opposed by public school educators.