USA Election Results: Complete Electoral College Map and Presidential Polls Updates


After all the campaign ads and candidate rhetoric, it is finally time for America to go the polls. This election night promises to be an epic display of American democracy at its finest. As the most expensive race in political history draws to a close, the election all comes down to handful of undecided voters in a couple pivotal states. Who knows how this election will turn out but it promises to be an exciting horse race with a strong possibility of a photo finish! 

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12:30PM: Here is a brief snapshot of what the early prognosticators are saying: Obama has 72% chance of winning on, Nate Silver has Obama at 90% chance of winning and Larry Sabato's Crystal Ball says Obama will win with 290 electoral votes

8:00PM First wave of major poll closings. Now voting is complete in about half of the country (population wise). So far the news out of the CNN exits polls is good news for Obama especially in New Hampshire (50-48%). Romney establishes an early lead in VA but Northern Virginia has not reported. No real surprises 

8:30PM: Romney underperforming in Florida as Obama maintaining '08 numbers. But Romney performing well in Virginia 

9:00PM Wisconsin and Colorado have just closed


Colorado Exit polls: 48-48

636 Votes Separate Romney from Obama in FLORIDA 

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