‘Game of Thrones’ season 7, episode 3 preview: A breakdown of everything HBO teased for next week


The second episode of Game of Thrones’ seventh season made good on the momentum kicked off by the season’s premiere. Fans got to see Daenerys put Lord Varys in his place as she grills him about his past allegiances and betrayals, promising to burn him alive if he dares turn on her. Queen Cersei and Maester Qyburn are plotting a rather underwhelming “solution” to Dany’s dragons — a really big crossbow. Jon still isn’t listening to Sansa and sets off to meet with Dany at Dragonstone.

Euron (aka Thrones’ very own Jack Sparrow) proves he really is the best captain in the 14 seas by capturing Yara and slaughtering her fleet with ease. And Theon reveals he’s really still Reek deep down after abandoning his sister in her time of greatest need. So what does episode three have in store?

Here’s an in-depth look at the preview for the seventh season’s third episode, “The Queen’s Justice.”

Dany’s dragons


It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Dany’s dragons flying about and spewing molten sunshine from their oversized jaws, but it looks like her children will be taking to the skies once again in “The Queen’s Justice.” Given that Dany spent almost all of her screen time in episode two planning her assault on Westeros and Casterly Rock, this quick shot of her dragons could point to something more than just an aerial jaunt over Dragonstone. The last time fans got to see all three dragons in the same frame was season six, episode nine, during the counterattack at Slaver’s Bay. Are these great beasts undergoing some sort of new training regiment?

Euron brings Cersei’s gift


In the season premiere, Euron promises Cersei a gift that’ll prove he’s a worthy husband-to-be. The final, climactic sequence of episode two reveals he wasn’t kidding — he quietly sneaks through the mist and attacks Yara’s fleet, mowing his niece’s men down and sinking her ships with a maelstrom of fire that rains from above. He captures Yara and Ellaria, and, as far as we can tell, kills two of the Sand Snakes — hanging and mounting them on the bow of Yara’s ship — and takes their whip as proof, or simply a souvenir.

In the teaser for episode three, Euron returns to what must surely be King’s Landing to tell Cersei the good news. Nothing says “I’m committed to you” like slaughtering the enemies of your beloved. The crowd seems almost as pleased with Euron as Euron is with himself, which is no easy feat.

So, the only question that remains is whether his “gift” for Cersei will be sufficient to gain her trust, and her hand in marriage.

Grey Worm is ready for combat


Cersei’s drawn first blood in the war for the Iron Throne with Euron’s attack on Yara’s fleet, but Dany isn’t going down without a fight. She reveals in episode two that she’s planning to take Casterly Rock, the true source of the Lannister’s power. From the looks of the shot above, Grey Worm and his army of Unsullied will set sail to carry out the mission.

Sansa’s prayers


Following Jon’s decision to travel to Dragonstone and meet with Dany, the King of the North declares Sansa, the last Stark in the North, the interim queen until he returns. But in this screengrab, Sansa appears distraught in “The Queen’s Justice.” Her eyes are red and she looks a bit sorrowful or, at the very least, transfixed by something. She’s also walking away from what appears to be a weirwood tree, a sacred symbol of the Old Gods and the place where many practitioners offer their prayers. Is Sansa receiving some bad news, or is Littlefinger just bugging the bejesus out of her?

Jon meets Dany


It’s been a long time coming, but it looks as though Jon Snow and Daenerys Targeryn will finally meet. Jon might be a little lovestruck — or maybe he’s just taken aback. There are any number of reasons for him to feel intimidated: It could be the fact that Dany is sitting on a kickass throne in Dragonstone or, perhaps, it’s that he finds her to be as beautiful as the rumors have led him to believe. Or maybe he’s just terrified that she’s going to stick her dragons on him. Either way, Jon looks like he just saw a White Walker.

Watch the preview for episode three, “The Queen’s Justice,” below.

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