‘Pokémon Go’ Articuno Moveset: Best moves for the legendary bird — assuming you can catch one


The Chicago Pokémon Go fest is over. Amid the disappointments of the day, it ended on a high note with the release of two legendary Pokémon: Gen 1’s Articuno and Gen 2’s Lugia. If you’re wondering what Articuno’s best moveset is for taking down those pesky dragon types, here’s all you need to know.

Pokémon Go Legendary Raids: Ice-type Articuno is ideal

According to Pokemon Go fan community the Silph Road, your best bet is to focus on an ice-type Articuno. If you’ve got a few fast technical machines, it’s worth using them until your Articuno ends up with the quick move Frost Breath. For its charged move, you’re going to want either Blizzard or Ice Beam. If your Articuno doesn’t have those moves, it’s worth collecting TMs from other raids in order to obtain them.

You may recognize Ice Beam as the move Articuno uses to two-shot your Pokémon during the raid, but with 130 power Blizzard is no slouch either. Don’t expect an Articuno to fall into your lap, though. According to Pokémon Go Hub, it’s one tough customer with a raid combat point level of 37,603.

A Silph Road player who managed to complete four legendary raids on Sunday said that even with 15 trainers, their strongest counters didn’t stand much of a chance against the legendary bird. They also warned that the legendary bird’s base catch rate is about 2%, but you can increase that to 5% by using a Golden Razz Berry.

Overall, you’ve got your work cut out for you if you decide to go for an Articuno. But if you’ve got the counters and the manpower, one with ice-type moves will shred both dragon-types and flying-types, so that Dragonite hanging out at your local gym just got a lot less scary.

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