‘Pokémon Go’ Lugia Moveset: The best moves for the Gen 2 psychic legendary


In the wake of the Pokémon Go live event in Chicago, there’s a lot to get fans excited about. Legendaries have been released and both Gen 1’s Articuno and Gen 2’s Lugia are appearing in raids worldwide.

If you’re wondering what moves you can expect from your Lugia, we’ve got the answers.

Pokémon Go Lugia moveset: It excels with a dragon-type quick move, even though it’s a psychic powerhouse

Prima Games broke down the different move combinations Lugia can have and came to some interesting conclusions. Although the diving Pokémon is very strong with an Extrasensory/Future Sight combo — unsurprising given its psychic typing — the absolute strongest damage-per-second the legendary bird can have comes from Dragon Tail/Future Sight.

According to Prima Games, the Dragon Tail move is enough to bump its DPS to 29 without losing a single point of same-type attack bonus DPS.

Prima Games

This is a disappointment for those who hoped Lugia might be a strong flying-type Pokémon. Without a fast flying-type move, however, you’re best off using your charged technical machines until you get Future Sight. This is all assuming you can catch one, of course. Good luck!

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