Election 2012: LIVE Results OBAMA WINS


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On Tuesday, November 6th, the presidential race will come to a close, hopefully. The election season has been rife with political blunders, negative ads, and what can be a times, a nasty campaign process. Despite general frustration with the nature of the election process, choosing the 45th President is significant, especially since the candidates are remarkably different on a significant number of issues.

With national polls indicating and incredibly close race, Tuesday will be nothing short of tense. Current polls indicate that President Obama may be in the lead by about 3 points, that lead is not significant enough to declare an early victory. As usual, it is going to come down to the swing states, but what can also have an impact on the outcome is how many votes Gary Johnson is able to siphon away from the major party candidates. The jobs report may also play a factor on Tuesday as the report shows an increase in jobs as well as an increase in the jobless rate.  

The race has been relentless and for those excited for the election or just excited that it will finally be over, stay tuned to PolicyMic for live coverage and analysis of the election and for specific results from the State of Georgia including the U.S. Representative race in District 5 and the proposed charter school amendment.

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Georgia results here.


 11:15PM  MSNBC CALLS OHIO FOR OBAMA - lets wait for the rest to file in

11:14PM Christopher Hayes drops some electoral college knowledge

11:11PM CNN call New Mexico for Obama

11:10PM CNN calls Iowa for Obama

 11:00PM  West cost polls close. California, Hawaii, and Washington to Obama. Romney grabs Idaho and Montana. 

 10:50PM CNN declares Minnesota for Obama and Arizona for Romney. Al Gore makes a bold statement about Florida.

10:43PM  Huffington Post declares Arizona for Romney

10:38PM Tammy Duckworth (D) defeats Joe Walsh (R) in the Illinois 8th district. Go Tammy!

 10:29PM Fox News reports that there were incidents of illegal voting in Ohio.

10:16PM Funny Akin race tweet

10:07PM Missouri does not elect Tod Akin - ThankYou! Congrats to McCaskill. Major congrats to Elizabeth Warren.

9:57PM Massachusetts votes to legalize medicinal marijuana

9:47PM Georgia update: John Barrow in the lead in district 12 with 55.02% of the vote.

9:44PM CNN calls Pennsylvania for Obama

9:33PM Fox calls Wisconsin for Obama.

 9:31PM CNN states that Romney is ahead in Florida by 636 votes. ONLY 636 VOTES!

9:26PM Still waiting on the major swing states

9:06PM Twitter and the news stations are ablaze telling people to stay in line.

9:01PM Romney racking in the electoral votes. CNN now predicts Romney 152 and Obama 123 electoral votes.

8:57PM  Candy is still with that face mic.

8:45PM CNN has Romney with 82 electoral votes and Obama with 64. Huffington Post has Romney with 82 and Obama with 79. Time will tell.

 8:36PM Updates on Gay Marriage votes. Huffington Post reports Main votes no on Question 1 by 79%. Maryland Question 6 55% are for it.

8:27PM Georgia update with 118 counties partially reported and 4 completely reported. Romney 65.45%. District 5 John Lewis 84.26%. District 12 Lee Anderson 51.00%. Charter School Amendment Yes 53.58%.

8:00PM CNN projections: Connecticut, DC, Illinois, Maine, Maryland,Massachusetts, Rhode Island to Obama. Oklahoma to Romney

7:49PM George let's the Twittersphere know what is up next. 8pm polls close = 172 electoral college votes up for grabs.

7:34PM  Finally some numbers in from District 12. Lee Anderson is in the early lead with 64.74% and John Barrow has 35.26%.

7:30PM No numbers reported yet on the District 5 and District 12 races in Georgia.

7:20PM GEORGIA: With 7 counties partially reported, Romney leads with 66.58% to Obama's 32.79%. Gary Johnson at 0.63%. The Charter School Amendment is a go with 51.66% saying yes.

7:15PM While we are waiting for results - Can CNN please give Candy a new mic? The face mic is really odd.

7:04PM So much for preparation

7:00PM  Some polls are closed. CNN exit polls say tied 49% to 49% in Virginia.

6:58PM Obama campaign is reportedly especting an early night and is seeing no surprises.

6:54PM Polls closing in just a few minutes - let's get ready for some numbers

6:35PM Gary Johnson takes the time to thank his supporters.

6:24PM With Kentucky and Indiana polls closed - those electoral college votes are going to Romney.

6:21PM  Polls closing next in Georgia, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Vermont, Virginia, and part of Florida.

6:10PM Twitter is starting to let the exit poll crack roll 

 6:00PM Alright let the election night coverage officially begin.

5:43PM I just turned to Fox News to see what was going on and The Five is on. Statements heard " He [Obama] even cheats with his pickup basketball game"- Eric Bolling,  "If he loses he[Obama] will run again"- Greg Gutfeld and finally, "If Obama loses, which I doubt he will." -Bob Beckel.  I wonder if that last statement will be repeated tonight or if Beckel will be taken off of the air for blasphemy.

5:37PM Here is some economy exit poll crack for ya via CBS News

5:33PM Some words to wise that most people probably won't be listening to tonight.

 5:24PM Chris Matthews on MSNBC " The event ain't watching, the event is voting."

5:14PM Twitter is the source of some horrible thoughts and some decent ones as well.

5:02PM Previous polls have Lee Anderson in the lead over John Barrow in the race in GA's 12th Congressional District.

 4:58PM While we wait for exit polls, here is the text of the Charter School Amendment is being voted on as well.

"Provides for improving student achievement and pa rental involvement through more public charter school options.

3:10PM Georgia Secretary of State's Office is "concerned" with all of the issues happening in GA. Reports of places running out of provisional ballots, not letting people cast provisional ballots, and names not being in the system.

 2:57PM  First results in from Dixville Notch, NH and Romney and Obama tie with 5 votes. Another small town Hart's Location, NH has also completed voting - Obama, 23  Romney,9  Johnson, 1.  Let the results begin.

 2:21PM  Howard Stopeck v. John Lewis for Congress. For more information about Stopeck visit his site. John Lewis is going to stay in Congress, there is no doubt.

1:08PM  Reports that True the Vote, a Tea Party group may have forged signatures to sign up as poll observers in mainly African American precints in central Ohio. So much for protecting the voters.

 11:54AM  Nate Silver's model has President Obama with a high chance of winning. For those who claim you will leave the country if a specific candidate wins, sound off in the comments as to where you will be headed if your candidate loses.

11:14AM  No surprise here but I look forward to the county and city breakdown tonight.

 Real Clear World

10:35AM If you were not one of the 1.6 million in GA that voted early, the AJC reports that after the morning rush, the wait times have decreased. Don't let the poor weather stop you.

9:23AM With polls showing Gary Johnson with about 4% , will the final count have an impact on such a tight race. We shall see when the polls close.

9:02 AM Voters lined up this morning in Hapeville, GA to vote