19 things Siri can do for you so you can streamline your life


Trying to make a difficult decision? Siri can flip a coin for you. Need a ride? Siri can call you a car way faster than you can open your phone and call one yourself.

Siri has a lot of hidden features most people aren’t aware of. We put together our favorite tips in a master list for you to reference.

To get Siri to do your bidding without pressing any buttons, you’ll have to enable the “Hey Siri” option, which wakes the app up when you say those words. To do that, go to Settings, tap Siri and hit the toggle called “Allow ‘Hey Siri.’”

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Some of these commands require you to unlock your phone for privacy reasons, so they’re not 100% hands-free, but they’re certainly helpful. Now that you have “Hey Siri” enabled, here are some of the helpful things you can ask it to do for you.

1. Teach you the etymology of a word or get a synonym

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2. Flip a coin or roll a die

3. Say where something is and get directions there

It will automatically use Apple Maps.

4. Calculate a tip

5. Play a song on Apple Music

Siri is an Apple product, so when you ask it to play music, it will automatically pull from your Apple Music library.

6. Pay someone or request money on Venmo

Venmo is one of the apps you can connect to Siri. To do that, go to Settings, then Siri, then hit App Support at the bottom to see what apps can work with Siri. Move the toggle to the right to connect an app.

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7. Call a Lyft or an Uber

Like with Venmo, you can allow Siri to access these apps so you can ask it to call you a car.

8. Open an app

Just ask Siri to open any app you like.

9. Say what movies are playing near you

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10. Find specific types of places near you

Siri can find places around you by saying things like “Find restaurants near me” or “Find museums near me.”

11. Say your schedule for a certain day

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12. Set a timer or alarm

13. Take a selfie or normal photo

Just say “Hey Siri, take a selfie,” or “Hey Siri, take a photo.”

14. Create a reminder at a specific time

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15. Read your new texts to you

16. Write something in the Notes app

Just say “Note to self” before whatever you want to write down.

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17. Play your voicemail

18. Turn the volume of your music up or down

19. Do math and conversions

Just ask Siri whatever question you have and it should be answered.

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