Texas 2012 Election Results LIVE: Romney Wins Texas, Loses Election


On Tuesday, Texans will head to the polls along with the rest of the nation for the long awaited 2012 elections. On a national scale, Texas is not considered a competitive state. Texas has been a comfortable Republican state for several years. In the 2008 election, John McCain won Texas 55.4% to Barack Obama’s 43.6%. According to the University of Texas and the Texas Tribune, we can expect something similar this time around. Their most recent poll numbers put Romney at 55% and Obama at 39%.

There is only one US Senate seat up for this election. Incumbent Kay Bailey Hutchison is stepping down, leaving the race to Republican Ted Cruz and Democrat Paul Sadler. The only competitive US House of Representatives race is District 23, with incumbent Francisco Canseco running against Pete Gallego. Polls have been very close, but Canseco is expected to win by a small margin.

Texas is expected to be an overall Republican win.

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12:32- Romney wins Texas, loses election. Results will be posted when all votes are in

10:01- Romney has a 20% lead, with 42% of the votes in

9:22- With 37% of the votes in, Romney has an 18% lead. With his consistently high lead, I think it is safe to call Texas for Romney

8:49- 35% of the votes are in with Romney having a 17% lead

8:41- Romney continues his 17% lead with close to 500 precincts sending their numbers in

8:22- Romney has a 17% lead

8:07- So far it looks like Romney will win. He currently has a 15% lead. Only 1.93% of the votes have been counted though so we still have a long way to go!

7:48- Romney leads Obama 68.4%-31.6% with 121 precincts reporting

7:38- Romney leads Obama 58%-41% with 107 precincts reporting

7:29- Romney leading Obama by 20% with 73 of 9,150 precincts reporting results

7:20- Romney is leading Obama by almost 55%

7:07- First results are in! Romney/Ryan ahead 65.49%-33.69%