Pokémon Go’ Event End Date Extended: Bonus and global rewards still available

Niantic screwed up their Chicago Pokémon Go event, big time. But there is one good thing that’s come out of the botched Pokémon Go Fest: Everything in the game has been doubled.

Niantic is offering everyone double stardust and candy for Pokémon caught, double the experience you obtain. Niantic has also reduced the distance required to hatch eggs and gain candy for your Pokémon buddy.

Pokémon Go event: Making the most of the “double everything” event

Initially planned to end on July 24, the “we blew Chicago Fest” event has been extended until July 27 at 8 p.m. Eastern. Until then, you can expect most everything you do in the game to count twice. So what should you be doing?

Use a lucky egg for even more experience

Pro Pokémon Go players know they should pop a lucky egg before doing anything that will yield a lot of experience points. Using all your saved up candies, for example, will lead to you getting double the experience when you’re ready to evolve a Pokémon. During this event, that increases to four times the experience. Make sure you stock up on Pidgey.

Toss out an incense while you’re at it

The incense will attract Pokémon to your location that may not already be in the area. Leave this running while you mass evolve so you can catch the occasional Rattata or Marill.

Catch Legendary Pokémon like Lugia and Articuno

Adding a new Pokémon to your Pokédex will garner you 500 experience points, while completing a raid will net you 3,000 points. That number is doubled during this event. Lucky for you, there are two new Pokémon that you probably don’t have yet.

Lugia and Articuno are the first legendaries to enter the game and successfully completing their raids could yield you big rewards in PoGo — even more so if you manage to catch the two while using a Lucky Egg.

Hatch Pokémon eggs

The “double everything” event also reduces the amount of steps needed to hatch eggs. You’ll still need incubators to hatch your eggs (which is how Niantic gets their money), but if you have some empty ones lying around, now is the time to use them.

Make sure you’ve made a Pokémon your buddy

There are certain Pokémon that we rarely run into but need candy for. Buddy Pokémon generate candy as you walk around and walking distance to obtain a candy for them has been reduced too. Trust your sweet tooth and get the candies you deserve.

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