‘Dream Daddy’ Craig Ending Guide: How to bro out with your bro

The different characters in Dream Daddy all seem to relate to different cute boy archetypes: We have the brooding bad boy, the hot teacher and finally, your old frat brother from college — Craig.

Craig is the “fitness dad,” so dating him will result in a lot of shirtless scenes, which is a nice plus. The last date is a camping trip and the main character accidentally forgets to bring a second sleeping bag, so it ends with Craig and him sharing one bag.

They end up touching and kissing while Craig confesses his feelings for the main character — all while still affectionately calling each other “bro.”

The last scene with Craig takes place with just the two of them. Craig, who up until that point had been really hard on himself and stretching himself too thin, thanks the main character for teaching him the value of self care. Craig then lays on the main character’s lap while the main character plays with his hair: “Craig, I’ll be your bro till the day I die.”

The ending scene starts at about 51:20 in the video below.

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