‘Dream Daddy’ Stream: Watch us livestream the brand-new daddy dating simulator on Facebook

Dream Daddy is a brand-new dating simulator — think of it like a steamy choose-your-own-adventure — that’s sweeping the nation, and we’re going to play it live for your entertainment.

If you’ve never heard of it, here’s how Dream Daddy works: You start off by designing your character’s appearance. Once you’re happy with the way your dad looks, you’ll be guided through its semi-linear story, chatting up your various neighbors — all of whom are also hot dads — and exploring your new town.

Based on the way you respond in conversations with each dad, their opinions of you will shift. So, if you’re hoping to woo one dad in particular, you can choose to go on dates with them, and, assuming you make the right choices in conversations, you’ll have the opportunity to go on subsequent dates.

We’ll start streaming at approximately 2 p.m. Eastern from the Trending Facebook page — and we’ll embed the video below once it’s live. We’ll be taking audience suggestions, too, so don’t be afraid to pipe up in the comments. See you there.

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