Binders of Women and Big Bird: The 10 Most Popular Memes of Election 2012


With Election Day on Tuesday, many people are getting tired of hearing about politics. Though, at times, it has been a great source of entertainment. 

From the primary to the general election debates it has all been part of the long political season, leading to the main event this Tuesday. And, of course, political memes have also been an important (and entertaining) part of the election. 

Here are 10 of the most popular ones:

1. Big Bird:

After the first debate, Romney mentioned that he would cut funding to PBS which sent off a slew of memes and tweets across the web.

2. Binders Full of Women:

From the second debate, the town-hall one, a meme that was probably blown way out of proportion. Read this article, for more details on this one. 

3. Clint Eastwood's Empty Chair:

At the Republican National Convention, in August, Clint Eastwood challenged President Obama by talking to an empty chair. 

4. Paul Ryan:

Known by those online as the Paul Ryan Gosling meme.

5. Texts from Hillary:

Not sure when this started, but it is amusing. See more here.

6. Ron Paul:

Ron Paul formally quit the race in May. However, his loyal fan base of supporter still roots for him online.

7. Debate Moderator Jim Lehrer:

The first presidential debate moderator got a lot of flack for his performance, but it was all a part of the political charade.

8. Bayonets:

From the last presidential debate, the word "bayonets" word was mentioned and began trending on Twitter for a short period of time. However, that was enough to make it a meme. This led people to describe the debates as: Big Bird, Binders, and Bayonets.

9. Rick Santorum:

This was a while back, but when Rick Santorum had power in the early Republican primary debates people began to notice that he always wore a sweater vest. 

10. Hermain Cain's 999 Plan:

Pizza impresario Herman Cain was also running for president, if anyone remembers him. He had a plan that didn't really make much sense and ideas that were not much of anything.

Well, it's pretty much over now. Whoever wins this race will be decided by the people. However, the online world loved every minute of this political season while at the same time hating every second of it.