Gary Johnson and Jill Stein 2012: Third Party Presidential Debate Live Coverage and Analysis


Tonight, just before Election Day, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein will participate in the final presidential debate. After the previous third party debate, Gary and Stein received the most votes and will face-off on a variety of issues. Originally to be focused on foreign policy and international affairs but it has been changed to cover a number of different issues.  It will be much better for the candidates now that the debate has been expanded to cover many issues as Stein and Johnson have very similar ideas on foreign policy.  This debate will prove to be interesting and will add some very useful ideas to U.S. political discourse.

Candidate Profiles

Gary Johnson- Libertarian Party

He is the former governor of New Mexico and he initially ran as a Republican this year. He supports the legalization of marijuana and legalizing gay marriage. His policies also include an end to the war in Afghanistan and a strong belief in gun rights.

Jill Stein- Green Party

Stein focuses on a job creation program called the Green New Deal. Highlights of her policies include a nuclear free Middle East, demilitarized US border crossings, and a moratorium on foreclosures and evictions.

You can submit a question to the political correspondents here. You can tune into the debate via the channels listed here or check out the live feed on Political correspondent coverage begins at 8pm EST with the debate starting at 9pmEST. Pre-debate analysis is available here and stay tuned for live coverage throughout the evening.


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UPDATE  TUESDAY 4:54PM Post-debate analysis available here.

10:27PM Christina Tobin wrapping up. Stay tuned for post-debate analysis.

10:24PM Closing statements are strong. "Vote for the person you believe in." - Gary Johnson

10:21PM Stein says we need labeling on genetically modified foods and Johnson agrees.

 10:16PM Speaking on austerity Jill Stein says there is great situation that benefits everyone and Johnson says that things cost money and it is not sustainable. He is making a good point but his yelling is too much.

10:09PM Johnson says he would have left airline security to the airlines and to states and municipalities. I would like to hear about how that provides and standard level of security throughout the U.S.

10:07PM When it comes to a police state, Stein speaks civil liberties and Johnson talks drugs.

10:05PM Johnson looks extremely bored - please don't pan to him anymore when he is not speaking.

10:03PM Transparency is great but there is a huge difference between government transparency and Wikileaks. I would have preferred to hear how they will create a transparent government rather than a praise of WikiLeaks.

9:58PM Johnson says transparency is important and until Wikileaks actually results in harm then it's not a threat. Stein says that Wikileaks has not been a threat to national security (quotes Benjamin Franklin again). 

9:57PM Johnson says that net neutrality is scam and another form of crony capitalism. Now onto state secrets.

 9:55PM Gary Johnson comes out with a random net neutrality question. Interesting but really random.

9:47PM  Moderator asks a followup question since they both agree that climate change is real and impacting us all. Johnson says that government involvement should be focused on limited contracts during emergencies. It is government involvement that is causing the gas shortage and those things should be left to the private sector. Stein counters and says that there is a role for government to play in the emergencies. Stein mentions rising sea levels - YES!

 9:43PM Now they are discussing climate change. Just the fact that they are discussing this is groundbreaking. The topic was totally ignored in the major party debates.

 9:41PM Stein moves the topic towards nuclear disarmament beginning in the Middle East and to spread to all nations including the U.S. 

9:35PM Johnson said we need to stop foreign aid because it is not going to the needy in foreign countries. Stein speaks on Syria saying that arms flowing in has done more harm than good. Stein does not say that she will do away with foreign aid in general but speaks specifically to ending military aid.

 9:33PM Next question is the goals of foreign aid. 

9:32PM Johnson says that we should set an example as opposed to being the bully. I really wish the moderators would ask followup questions and flesh out their policies.

9:31PM Stein also states that we should expect more from our allies. She mentions Israel. I wonder if there will be any backlash against that.

9:27PM Let's move on to what I consider the juicy stuff. U.S. foreign policy. Jill Stein begins by restating her position that U.S. foreign policy should be based on international law and human rights.She states that our current policies are creating enemies and increasing casualties.

9:25PM Jill Stein is appearing very reasonable and composed in comparison to Johnson's yelling. I hope he turns it down; it's about content and form.

9:23PM Gary Johnson's angry rant is basically about why we should not have bailed out Wall Street.

9:22PM  Next question was user submitted. It is about how they would change the global financial system.

 9:17PM Gary Johnson that laugh was absolutely unnecessary and rude and then you interrupt.

9:15PM  Now we are seeing the differentiation. Stein says that corporate taxes have been slashed  as well as those on the wealthy and that has lead to a concentration of wealth at the top.

9:12PM Johnson separates free trade from jobs. Says there needs to create an environment to bring jobs back such as eliminating corporate tax and income tax.

9:09PM Stein rails on Bain Capital but says that free trade agreements creates this environment and that President Obama bears some responsibility for this. Stop transpacific partnership and go back and reevaluate previous agreements including NAFTA into fair trade agreements that protect workers and the environment.

9:08PM First question is on loss of jobs and whether free trade is really the best idea.

9:06PM  Johnson ran through his platform while Jill Stein is giving a great opening statement. Openers should be used to give an overview of your ideology and not just a list of your ideas.

9:04PM  Gary Johnson comes out swinging hitting wars, Iran, marriage equality, the war on drugs, and the Patriot Act. Now onto the budget, he advocates and fair tax and the abolishment of the IRS.

9:02PM Christina Tobin and Tom Hartmann moderate with 7 questions. They also have two minute opening and closing statements.

9:00PM  Christina Tobin leads us into tonight's debate.

8:55PM Drones will definitely be discussed tonight.

 8:40PM Pre-debate discussion moved to Syria. Maytha Alhassen states that domestic politics trump what is going on in Syria and that her hope is with the people of Syria and not the U.S. for resolution.

 8:32PM Journalist Maytha Alhassen hopes that Johnson and Stein discuss topics such as racism, economic exploitation, the treatment of African Americans and Latino Americans, as well as the rising prison population.

8:25PM Pre-debate coverage now discussing ways to change the current electoral system. First on the chopping block is the Electoral College.

8:21PM  For those having diffiulty with the stream and wish to see the pre-debate discussion, tune in here.

7:53PM Who is Jill Stein? You better ask somebody or read this.

7:50PM What is missing from this debate is the audience participation. The public can submit questions on the website but it is not nearly as exciting as reading the questions on social media sites.

7:40PM  Gary Johnson asking voters to #BeThe5Percent

7:30PM For those on Twitter use #nowthatsadebate