Nintendo Switch ‘Pokémon’ Release Date: Earnings report confirms 2018 — or later — for new RPG

During E3, Nintendo confirmed that Pokémon Stars wasn’t on the release schedule for 2017. Now it appears that Nintendo has a reminder that we won’t be getting the highly sought-after Pokémon Stars game for Switch soon. The latest update on the release date front comes from the Japanese gaming company’s latest earnings report.

Expect a Pokémon Stars release date in 2018 or later

If the PSA during E3 2017 by Tsunekazu Ishihara wasn’t enough, now the news is earnings report-official. In the document made available by Nintendo, page five lists a launch schedule of upcoming games, including none other than our beloved Pokémon RPG for Nintendo Switch. Next to it is a release date: “2018 or later.”

How many times, Nintendo, will you remind us of the torture you’re putting us through?

Pokémon Stars release date: What can we expect from the game?

We’ve seen nothing in regards to the core Pokémon RPG coming to the Nintendo Switch — including gameplay or a trailer. We only have an inkling of a name, based on rumors.

But it’s fairly obvious what we can expect: a full console experience of Pokémon with the Switch’s portability. While the game made the transition to 3-D back when Pokémon X and Y was released, we could expect full HD graphics from a Switch game. It will also likely bring an original story, seeing as the sequel to Sun and Moon is already coming to 3DS.

Unfortunately, a simultaneous release of the games on Switch just wasn’t written in the stars.

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