‘Splatoon 2’ Weapons List: There are some big differences from the first game

One of the best parts of the first Splatoon was making a hot, badass squid person — and Splatoon 2 has doubled down on that. There are cute new clothes, new hairstyles and most importantly, new weapons.

While on the surface it can look like nothing has changed, there are actually quite a few differences that impact gameplay.

Splatoon 2 weapons list: Cool new options

A lot of the weapon classes in the game are the same, but there’s also some awesome additions. The best change may be the Splat Dualies, a pair of ink-powered pistols that can cover a wider range of ground and also look to be great assassin tools.

One neat trick is that the Splat Dualies come with the ability to roll — giving the player a mechanic to dodge attacks. In the video below you can see the player dodging and then taking out a couple enemies.

The biggest change from the first Splatoon is that none of the special weapons carry over — they’ve created a whole new set. Each new special is detailed on the Splatoon Wiki:

Injket — The Inkjet gives the ability for the Inkling to fly in the air and shoot powerful Blaster-like projectiles. Once the Special is over, the Inkling automatically Super Jumps back to the place where the player first activated it.
Ink storm — A weapon that, once thrown, produces a large rain cloud raining Ink.
SplashdownThe Splashdown makes the player jump in the air and strike the ground with heavy force, causing an Ink explosion. Inklings can also do this in the middle of Super Jumping.
Sting Ray — The Sting Ray allows the player to fire a continuous laser of Ink that can go through walls. The Inkling moves the laser very slowly, and can’t walk whilst doing so.
Tenta Missile — Tenta Missiles allow players to lock on to other Inklings, and every Inkling locked on will fire four missiles towards them.

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