Oklahoma 2012 Election Results LIVE: Romney Wins Oklahoma, Loses Election


This Tuesday Oklahomans will join the rest of the nation in the long awaited 2012 elections. Given the conservative nature of Oklahoma, Romney is sure to win this state. Living in Oklahoma, I have not seen a single presidential election ad on the television at all. This has been quite a blessing considering politics has invaded every other aspect of my life. In the 2008 election, Obama did not win a single county in Oklahoma. This outcome is expected again for this election.

Oklahoma has 5 house districts which have been apportioned after the 2010 census. All seats will be voted for this election cycle.

Neither of Oklahoma’s Senate seats are up for election this year.

While people in Oklahoma are concerned about the presidential election, it has not been a major reason for bringing people out to the polls. Everyone just assumes that Romney will win Oklahoma hands down. In Stillwater, OK, the main thing I have been hearing about is Proposition 2, which is on the Payne County ballot. If approved Proposition 2, nicknamed by some the Funday Sunday Proposition, will allow the selling of alcoholic beverages in restaurants on Sundays. Payne County can at least count on a high college student turn out.    

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12:26- Romney wins Oklahoma but loses election

US House of Representatives

District 1- Jim Bridenstine

District 2-Markwayne Mullin

District 3-Frank Lucas

District 4- Tom Cole

District 5- James Lankford

All other results will be posted when final numbers come in

10:10- College students rejoice! Payne County has voted to serve alcohol in resturants on Sundays

9:58- Oklahoma continues to have a 40% Romney lead, will almost all precincts reported

8:47- Keep checking for final numbers as well as the other races in Oklahoma!

8:45- With close to 50% of the precincts reporting in with Romney winning by 40%, Oklahoma can be marked down as going to the Republicans (no suprise there).

8:34- Over 1/4 of the precincts have reported Romney still having a 40% lead. It won't be much longer till OK is officially called for Romney

8:14- 283 precincts have reported a 40% lead for Romney

8:09- With 112 precincts reporting, Romney still has his roughly 40% lead over Obama

7:43- First precinct votes are in! Romney leads by almost 40% with 12 precincts reporting

7:33- No precincts have sent in results, only early voting numbers in

7:22- First numbers are in! Romney leads Obama 69.9% to 30.1%

7:12- Results haven't been resleased yet. Polls closed 12 minutes ago so hopefully we will get them in soon! Stay tuned!