‘Splatoon 2’ Tower Control Guide: Here’s how the objective mode works

Splatoon 2 has a diverse range of both new and returning game modes. One returning mode is Tower Control, which, if you’re familiar with Overwatch or other team games, is a combination of King of the Hill and Escort gameplay.

Tower Control is one of the game modes you’ll get in the game’s Ranked Battle queue, so it’s important to know how it all works.

Here’s how you play Tower Control in Splatoon 2

The objective in Tower Control is to occupy the tower while it moves to your enemies’ base. If your team gets off the tower or dies, it will start to move back to the middle. Similarly, if the enemy team is on it, it’ll start moving to your side of the map.

As above, the strategies for this mode might look similar to Control Point or King of the Hill, where you want some of the team on the tower while other members of the team clear out enemies and make a path.

The Splatoon Wiki recommends using Ink Mines or Splash Wall, as they both defend specific areas from attackers.

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