Florida 2012 Election Results LIVE: Race Too Close To Call


This Tuesday, Florida will join the nation in the 2012 elections. As one of the key swing states, Florida will definitely be a state to watch. This presidential election is being called potentially one of the closest elections in history. Especially after the ballot recount issues in 2000, all eyes are on Florida. The 2000 election ended up being decided by 537 votes.

Important events during the presidential election are almost always held in key states.  As you may recall, the 2012 Republican National Convention took place in Tampa, Fla., and the final 2012 Presidential Debate was held in Boca Raton, Fla., at Lynn University.

Along with the presidential elections, Florida has one US Senate seat on the ballot and 27 US House seats on the ballot.

Florida is currently considered a toss-up state for both the presidential and senate elections. According to the polls, the lead has been going back and forth between Romney and Obama making any guess up in the air.

It is vital to Romney that he wins Florida. If he loses Florida it has been projected that he will also lose the election.  


Polls will be open from 7am to 7pm. Florida is split between Eastern and Central time.

PolicyMic will be covering the 2012 election from the state of Florida live. For live updates, bookmark and refresh this page.

All updates will be in CST.


12:30- Obama is officially president for 4 more years, but Florida results still unknown. All results will be posted when votes are done being counted

10:31- Networks are all calling the election an Obama win, final Florida results look like they won't sway the election

10:16- Obama has kept his small lead  currently with 42,456 more votes (.5%) than Romney

9:49- Obama still has a small lead with both candidates at 49%, this race could end up being decided by under 1,000 votes

8:52- Obama has a .4% lead, with both candidates still in the 49% range

8:27- Still in the 49% range for both candidates! This will be a very close race

8:19- Obama has a .03% lead which is equivalent to roughly 2,000 votes

8:16- Romney has a .03% lead

8:08- It looks like Florida will be an extremely close race, currently 49.51% for Romney and 49.65% for Obama

7:59- Obama retakes the lead by .3%

7:53- Romney takes the lead by .02% and 6.5 million votes counted so far

7:38- Obama and Romney are neck and neck with only .4% Obama lead

7:28- The gap is narrowing as both candidates have 49% of the votes

7:24- Obama's lead has narrowed down to 1%, Romney may take Florida

7:14- Obama: 50.7% Romney 48.53% Romney is slowly getting closer to Obama

7:09- Romney is catching up! Obama 51.23% Romney 48.01%

7:01- First results are in, Obama/ Biden ahead 51.54%-47.72%