Who Should I Vote For: The Case for Barack Obama


With the election only one day away, it's hard to believe there are some voters out there who are still undecided. You’re probably tired of people telling you to get out there and vote, because what do they know right? Besides, you can vote for whomever you want to. You just have to pick a side now.

This is probably a lot easier said than done. I understand how difficult it can be to choose something when you’re not sure. In fact, what’s the point when politicians are always twisting things the other way around? Nobody’s going to hate you if you’re independent. In fact, they will probably leave you alone if you declare yourself as an independent. There is a great number of undecided voters in this election, and some news corporations took advantage of this in an effort to get them to support someone and understand some of the motives for being undecided.

I’m not sure if there are as many undecided voters left with the election so close, but it never hurts to try to sway them in a direction. This is part of the reason why both Obama and Romney are campaigning so hard in key swing states (because of those undecided voters and the fact that they could go either way).

I don’t like to try to convince someone to do something they don’t want to. But since this is an important election, I’ll prod a bit. Vote for Obama. He has done more to help this country that Romney ever could and he is working to bring back the jobs we need. 

Jordan Wolf pointed out in his Policymic article that President Obama’s government regulations have actually helped the economy. If you don’t believe that, then feel free to read up on some of his accomplishments here or use this to see how Obama has helped your state. 

If you feel as though you lean more towards some of Romney’s policies, then I will ask you to read this Policymic article by Victor Zhao or use this chart to look at all the comparisons between Romney and Obama. However, if you’re tired of these men then maybe you are an independent. Here is an informative site to learn more about Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party's presidential nominee.

Now, I hope that you have made your choice and you are certain of it. If not, then rethink your options. Don’t support someone just because everyone else is, support the person who you think is the best candidate. Also, know that campaign ads don’t give the whole picture so do your own research. I hope you decide soon and that you are certain of that choice.