‘Overwatch’ Doomfist Counters: Here’s how to counter the new attack hero

Doomfist is finally here, and he can be pretty freaking scary. For example: His alternate fire, Rocket Punch, can instantly kill any hero with 250 HP or less if they hit a wall after being punched. That’s going to leave a lot of smaller heroes on edge.

Luckily, the bigger they are, the harder they fall — Doomfist has some pretty strong hard counters that make playing against him more fun.

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Doomfist is a lot less frightening if you’re playing as one of his counters

Doomfist has a big weakness: He’s bad when he can’t use his abilities. Fortunately, there are a few heroes in Overwatch that can capitalize on that weakness.


When you first play Doomfist, you might make the mistake that a lot of players make: using his abilities to get into the fight, then ending up kind of stranded. Whereas someone like Soldier 76 or McCree can do a lot of damage with their primary fire, Doomfist is all about his abilities — and if they’re on cooldown, you’re in big trouble.

Sombra is great because she can make Doomfist lose all his abilities pretty quickly — in 0.8 seconds, to be exact. If you’re fighting a Sombra one-on-one with just your primary fire, you’ll lose very quickly.


Pharah is great against Doomfist because he basically can’t do anything against her aside from using his primary fire. Since Pharah can theoretically never touch the ground, Doomfist has no moves that threaten her. She can fly around him and blast him with rockets, and the best he can do is escape, because he can’t really move vertically. Obviously, if you’re Pharah, be very careful with where you land, because one Rocket Punch and you’re toast.

Widowmaker, Hanzo and McCree

All three of these heroes basically have the one thing that Doomfist can’t deal with: distance. Granted, they won’t have quite the same degree of invulnerability as Pharah, but if they keep their eye on Doomfist, it’ll be a pretty easy kill. From far away, the only thing Doomfist can do is shoot his primary fire or try and close the gap between himself and the distance fighters.

The trend in all of these counters is that Doomfist is pretty useless when all he can do is shoot his gun. So, if you can get him into a position where he’s stuck doing just that, you’ve got the fight in the bag.

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