Texas Senate Race: Ted Cruz Polls Show He Will Win in a Landslide


Elections are around the corner, and the state of Texas seems to be resoundingly in favor of Ted Cruz, who is up by over 10 percentage points in almost every poll. 

Ted Cruz, the 41-year-old Republican nominee, is running against Paul Sadler for a seat in the Senate. This could signal a big Tea Party victory.

Is it really any surprise though? Texas is notorious for being a Red State, and Cruz is a Texas version of Florida senator, Marco Rubio. Cruz is loved by the Tea Party, he's pro-life, opposes the DREAM act, wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and wants to eliminate the Department of Education, Commerce, and Energy. He is intelligent, eloquent, and is endorsed by South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, Rick Santorum, Sarah Palin, and Glenn Beck.

On the other hand, Paul Sadler is a somewhat moderate Democrat. He has made great strides in education, and has been commended as a bipartisan leader throughout his career. Although he is just as qualified, the odds are not in his favor. Historically, Texas “hasn’t sent a Democratic senator to Washington since 1994,” and there seems to be little change to come during this upcoming election.

Cruz is also of Cuban decent, which some think may give him an edge with Latino voters. However, his stance on the DREAM Act, immigration, health care, and education, that seems a bit unlikely. While many Latino voters in Texas are socially conservative, they tend to vote more on the liberal side when it comes to certain matters, like health care and immigration. Cruz will be an important figure in terms of being a Latino senator, but he will not be making great strides to help the Latino population if elected.

We will no doubt see a triumphant Ted Cruz on Tuesday night, along with beaming Tea Party members who supported him along the way. Cruz has had a solid campaign, and has shown great determination to get to where he is. Regardless of what some think (I voted for Sadler), he will surely make great strides for the Republican Party if and when he is elected.