‘Monster Hunter’ Switch: Gameplay trailer and new screenshots revealed ahead of release date

Monster Hunter on Nintendo Switch was once a twinkle in fans’ eyes, but nowadays the game is much more official. Capcom’s given us a trailer full of visuals, showing us exactly what to expect from Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver. Yes, that’s the full name.

Monster Hunter Switch: What players can expect on Aug. 25

If the game is reminiscent of Double Cross on the New 3DS, that isn’t a coincidence. While the game appears to play similarly to the 3DS edition, Switch players will gain some new features, like support for vibrate for example. 3DS Monster Hunter players will be able to play with Switch-owning ones over the internet.

Capcom isn’t leaving PS4 and Xbox owners out of the fun, as they can play Monster Hunter World in early 2018. Though don’t expect any sweet, sweet Zelda-themed DLC.

According to the trailer, we can expect Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver. to hit the Switch on Aug. 25. Though maybe hold off on celebrating the game’s U.S. arrival. While there’s no indication of the game’s release in North America, Capcom has told Polygon that instead of never coming, they “have not announced any plans at this time.” Lucky games that release in Japan will work on Switch consoles worldwide.

You can play a demo of Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver. on Aug. 10.

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