Who Should I Vote For: 6 Most Important Questions If You Are Still Undecided in Election 2012


One day to go and the talking heads are in a frenzy. If you believe the polls, Obama will win tomorrow’s election. Many PolicyMic pundits have expressed skepticism relating to the election polls. In my opinion, predictions by these so-called statisticians are just as crooked as some politicians, so I remain dedicated to a Romney upset. In the future, I hope more time is spent determining whether polls are more damaging than helpful.

America really does need an election wake up call, but voters are tired of the endless stream of data being foisted upon them by the “experts.” Therefore, I would like to offer those headed to voting booths tomorrow a very concise list of six things to consider about Obama before pulling his lever. 

1. Obama is not the messiah. He did not save America.

2. The economy is still performing unsatisfactorily. The stock market has improved somewhat, but businesses continue to defer expenditures that would lead to more employment. 

3. Partisanship has never been greater, except possibly at the outset of the Civil War. Why you ask? Obama is not a good leader. He has created a divide in our country with his class warfare and by not finding ways to compromise with the opposition party, like so many presidents before him.

4. Energy, Education and Health Care all have serious issues that need to be addressed. The Obama administration has done next to nothing to improve conditions impacting these areas.

5. Minorities still support Obama. Why I ask? Unemployment among groups of color is off the charts, especially for young people. More people are on food stamps than ever. What has Obama done to make the lives of the needy better? Could any one else have done less for minority groups?

6. The performance of our government in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy should not influence your vote one-way or the other. A lot needs to be done before our leaders are adulated for their efforts.

America, we need a change. Obama tried and failed; please consider all the data, and you just might conclude the same.

Consider a vote for Romney. He can make a difference and bring the country and the economy back on track. Most of all, please vote tomorrow.