Pokémon Lycanroc Dusk Form: New ‘Ultra Sun and Moon’ variation revealed

The Pokémon Company announced a new variation of Lycanroc today called Dusk Form. When Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon release later this year, trainers will be able to evolve their Rockruff into this new form, presumably at dusk.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon: How to get Lycanroc’s new Dusk Form

Lycanroc currently has two forms available, but you’ll have to have Sun and Moon to get both of them. If you raise a Rockruff to level 25 or higher during the day in Pokémon Sun, it’ll evolve into Lycanroc’s Midday Form. If you level it up in Pokémon Moon at night, you’ll get the Midnight Form.


Since there’s now a Lycanroc form for every time of day except dawn, it’s easy to assume that we’ll get a Dawn Form of the Pokémon as well. However, nothing of the sort has been officially announced yet, so despite the logic behind that thought it’s entirely possible we may just be getting the one new form.

Oddly, the new Dusk Form doesn’t fit the design The Pokémon Company seemed to have been going for originally. The Midday form takes the look of a wolf, and the Midnight Form seems to be based on a werewolf. Maybe the Dusk Form, which takes on features from both the Midday and Midnight forms, is a harmonious coupling of the two.

We’ll know more about Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon as we approach their release date of Nov. 17.

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