‘Overwatch’: Geguri joins ROX Orcas, will be the first woman to compete in ‘Overwatch’ Apex

Last year, Kim “Geguri” Se-yeon — a player of Blizzard’s wildly popular multiplayer shooter Overwatchfaced allegations of cheating from a few of her fellow players. They simply couldn’t believe her skills were the real deal, threatening to quit if they were proven wrong. They were, and they did.

Now, Geguri’s getting yet another triumph: ROX Orcas, a professional South Korean Overwatch team, just added her to its roster. In doing so, Geguri will be the first woman to compete in the Overwatch Apex tournament later this year.

Overwatch pro Geguri signed to ROX Orcas

Before joining ROX Orcas, Geguri was a part of EHOME Spear, a team that disbanded in June after struggling to gain much traction. But now, Geguri’s ready to try again with a new group.

Blizzard Entertainment

“I entered ROX because I wanted to further my experience and play with a team again,” Geguri told ESPN. “It hasn’t been long since I’ve started to play a team game again, so yes, there definitely is a lot of pressure. [But] my goal this season is to reach the quarterfinals, and I will be working hard.”

ROX Orcas will be competing in “group C, the least-competitive group” of the Apex tournament, according to ESPN. Still, to be the first woman to participate in Apex is a big deal — especially because of her clash with other Overwatch pros last year.

Geguri faced accusations of cheating in 2016, and proved her naysayers wrong in a big way

Geguri’s first collision with the professional Overwatch scene started in June 2016, just a month or so after the game came out. According to Kotaku, some Overwatch players floated the idea that Geguri could be using “aim bots” — programs that automatically aim your cursor at enemies with mathematical precision — because of how well Geguri was able to take out enemies.

“If this problem is confirmed as a hack, it would have caused a problem to our career and reputation ... I may visit Geguri’s house with a knife in hand. I am not joking,” Overwatch pro Strobe said. Other members of Strobe’s team, Dizziness, chimed in with similarly disturbing accusations.

To prove her accusers wrong, Geguri livestreamed herself playing Overwatch in a formal studio setting, with high-definition cameras trained on her every move. She kicked ass — no hacks required.

After being proved wrong, the manager of Dizziness — and several of its members — issued a formal apology and disbanded the entire team as a result.

Geguri will have a chance to show off her skills yet again once season four of Overwatch Apex begins.

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