‘NBA 2K18’ Trailer: 5 major takeaways from the new video

On Tuesday, 2K Sports released its first trailer for NBA 2K18. The video shows off the game’s stunning visuals and a few new features. After scanning the video multiple times, here are the five biggest takeaways.

NBA 2K18 trailer: The facial renders are better than ever

When you take a look at the detail represented in the faces of the players depicted in the trailer, it appears NBA 2K has reached another level of excellence in the quest to attain photo-realistic authenticity.

From LeBron James (above) to players like Nerlens Noel pictured below, NBA 2K18 has captured players as well as any sports game before it.

NBA 2K/YouTube

NBA 2K18 trailer: The body types are more realistic

Finally, 2K has done some serious work on the player body types. The players look leaner, but not ultra thin as some of them did in NBA 2K17.

There’s even a way to create a MyPlayer with a huskier build. This was not possible in NBA 2K17.

NBA 2K18 trailer: The shoe game is on point

NBA 2K/YouTube

When the large variety of sneakers were revealed in NBA Live 18, the initial thought was that EA Sports’ hoop game might have more authentic looking shoes.

After taking a long look at the sneakers in the trailer for NBA 2K18, 2K has at the very least equaled EA’s efforts on this front.

A strong argument could be made that 2K’s shoes look more realistic.

NBA 2K18 trailer: Tattoos and accessories are sharp

NBA 2K/YouTube

Tattoos and accessories are a big deal within the NBA 2K community. Authentically rendered ink, arm sleeves and more can be the difference between someone’s overall approval of a render and a vicious blast of the product on social media.

There will always be someone who complains about something the game lacks, but it’s hard to find sensible fault with the way tattoos and accessories have been delivered.

NBA 2K/YouTube

You can literally read the majority of the tattoos on the skin of the players in most instances, and if you can’t, there’s a good chance things had to be blurred because 2K may have been unable to obtain the rights to use the artist’s work.

The accessories are light reflective and you can see the textures when you zoom in. That’s pretty amazing.

NBA 2K18 trailer: The Prelude releases on Sept. 8

2K Sports

Lastly, the Prelude demo will release just one week before the official early bird release date. The Prelude is free and it gives players a chance to create their MyPlayers, begin their careers and pick up where the demo ends once the full retail version is released.

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