Debunked: Here’s the truth about Rihanna’s mysterious second thumbnail

It’s true that when Rihanna posted the first pictures of her look for 2017’s Crop Over, the annual festival held in the Barbados, we almost died.

That hair! Those feathers! That outfit! Her body!

But just as we and the rest of the collective internet started to recover, we had a Rihanna-related scandal on our hands. A number of outlets that clearly don’t respect Rihanna as much as we do are pushing a story that the photo Rihanna posted Monday showing her entire outfit was actually digitally augmented.

But it’s not that people think she (or rather, her team) was trying to make her look thinner or anything. People think it was altered because, well, look at her right hand, the one resting just above her hip.

Look at her thumb.


To some people, it looks like there’s a blue nail peeking under her finger, right?

And that’s what led to this theory that Rihanna or someone on her team messed with this image somehow. (Because obviously, if Rihanna had three thumbs, we’d know by now.)

Well, for this important case, we’ve decided to be the detectives. And upon further investigation, we’re here to tell you that no, Rihanna does not have a nail coming out from underneath her finger.

That sliver of blue is part of the decoration surrounding her hands. See the blue between her middle finger on her left hand? And that blue string behind her right hand?

It’s just some string, guys, holding up the elaborate jewels covering RiRi’s hands and wrists.

Case closed.