‘Telltale Batman’ Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date: When will the next chapter arrive?

In Batman: The Enemy Within, players briefly assume the role of Gotham’s Dark Knight. As it did for season one, Telltale Games releases its Batman pseudo-game story one episode at a time in season two. Now that you’ve probably finished Batman: The Enemy Within’s first episode, when can you expect the second?

Batman: The Enemy Within episode two: When should we expect it?

Few outside of Telltale can say when, exactly, we can expect the next episode of Batman: The Enemy Within, though we can look to the past for a sense of the company’s timeline with these sorts of things. Here’s how much time passed between episodes back in season one.

During Batman: The Enemy Within’s first season, episode one dropped Aug. 2, followed by episode two on Sept. 20. With just under two months between them, we could see Telltale doing something similar in this new season. If the company keeps with tradition, we won’t see episode two until late in September.

Season two of Telltale’s Batman narrative brings back some fan-favorite characters along with a few new faces. We get a glimpse early on of the games’s take on the Riddler, whom Telltale describes as “a mad genius and much more sadistic.” In his sparring match with Batman (shown in the video below), it’s clear the Riddler is a much more violent one. If you ask us, though, the only thing more painful than fighting the Riddler is waiting for episode two.

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