Virginia Election Results LIVE: Obama up with 93% Reporting


In 2008, then-Senator Obama won Virginia and turned a traditionally red state blue, this year President Obama will try to hold on to the southern state, while Mitt Romney tries take the southern state red again. The polling in Virginia has been a statistical dead heat for over a month, with the latest polls having President Obama at 48.0, according to Real Clear Politics' poll of polls and Mitt Romney at 47.7. 

If Virginia’s 13 electoral college votes go to President Obama, Mitt Romney may have to give his concession speech early as he would need to win nearly every swing state to win the presidency. Alternatively, if Mitt Romney wins Virginia, President Obama will need to win Ohio or Florida to have a solid path to the White House. Virginia does not have early voting, so we should expect for polls in heavily populated areas to have the last vote counted much later in the night. 

Virginia could turn the tide of the election night long before results in Ohio or Wisconsin, two other significant swing states, are known. Stay tuned here to find out what happens in Virginia and how it will impact the rest of the election night.

11:32PM: Obama has been declared the victor in tonight's election. And, Obama is leading in Virginia for the first time all night. Obama 49% - Romney 48%. 

10:56PM: George Allen concedes the U.S. Senate seat to Tim Kaine, this is likely an indicator that Obama will carry Virginia.

10:36PM: Romney 49.36% - Obama 48.76% with 84% of the precincts we go.

9:58PM: Romney 50% - Obama 47% with 75% of the precincts reporting, it is rumored that people are still voting in Northern Virginia

9:05PM: Romney 52% - Obama 46% with 59% of the precincts reporting

8:29PM: Romney 55% - Obama 42% with 36% of the precincts reporting. 

8:03PM: Romney 58% - Obama 40%  with 12% reporting via CNN

7:40PM:  The DC Suburbs are likely the most important part of the Virginia electorate, no reporting from those precincts yet. Many of these precincts likely still have people voting in them. 

7:36PM: 60% for Romney, 39% for Obama with 2% reporting, via CNN

7:16PM: 70% for Romney, 28% for Obama with 0.15% reporting, only 4 out of 2,588 precincts


Update:  Here we go polls close in Virginia at 7:00pm est. I will be covering the presidential race minute-by-minute!

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