‘Pokémon Go’ Mewtwo Event: When will the first legendary Pokémon be available globally?

Fans have been waiting to hear the words “Pokémon Go Mewtwo raids” ever since group battles were first announced in June. We got our first look at a Mewtwo raid before the game even came out during Pokémon Go’s launch trailer and then never again. The first raid legendaries were Lugia and Articuno, after all.

Then came the recent Pokémon Go event in Yokohama, Japan. What many thought was a Pikachu celebration turned into Mewtwo’s coming out party. The psychic Pokémon is prevalent in Japan at the moment, but when will it be available globally?

Pokémon Go Mewtwo raids: When can you catch the Mew clone?

Lugia and Articuno may have been Pokémon Go’s first legendary pocket monsters, but we’ve all been waiting for Mewtwo since the game debuted last year. That time has finally come, well sort of.

According to Niantic, Mewtwo will be available in a new feature called Exclusive Raid Battles, which will be available in “the coming weeks.”

Mewtwo currently can only be found at the Pokémon Go Stadium event over in Yokohama, but like Lugia it will probably only be a matter of time before we start seeing the legendary stateside, too.

When Lugia first reared its head at Chicago’s issing Fest event, it appeared within two days. Team Mystic’s Go Fest victory unleashed Articuno shortly after the event, as well. Ideally, Mewtwo would have arrived just as quickly, but fans will have to wait for Exclusive Raid Battles to hit before we see Mewtwo. Luckily these battles will be at a scheduled time that players learn about in advance, leading to more people battling alongside you and, hopefully, a better chance at catching the Pokémon.

Pokémon Go Mewtwo raids: What other legendaries are still unavailable?

The arrival of Mewtwo in Pokémon Go crosses off yet another legendary on the list of unavailable uncommon Pokémon. Though there are still others fans are without. Rare finds like Mew and Celebi remain unavailable with no plans of how or when we’ll see them. But if Lugia, Mewtwo and the elemental birds are any indication, it’s clear that legendary Pokémon will show up unannounced during events.

When’s the next party, Niantic?

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