Delaware Election Results LIVE: Presidential Polls Have Obama Up By 25 Points


In Delaware, since September, the polls have shown the state to be overwhelmingly in favor of President Obama (62% to 37%). The president taking Delaware would come as no surprise. Delaware comes in only as 48 out of 50 states trending toward the GOP, and has voted for a Democratic presidents since 1988. 

With 3 electoral votes and 1 congressional district, all predictions are deeply blue.   

Delaware’s Senate race lets us reminisce about the Tea Party’s most memorable special election 2010 Wiccan candidate, Christine O’Donnell. After admitting to “dabbling in witchcraft” in college, O’Donnell released a television ad with the tagline, “I am not a witch.” O’Donnell ultimately lost to Chris Coons (D) in the race to fill Joe Biden’s former seat. This seat won’t be up for re-election until 2014, but CNN said O’Donnell might be a player again then.

The second Senate race pits incumbent Tom Carper (D) against Kevin Wade (R). According to Real Clear Politics, Carper is considered an “icon in modern Delaware politics;” first as state treasurer, then governor, before joining Congress. Known for cutting taxes while simultaneously growing the state’s reserves, Carper should not face any significant threat from Wade.

For governor, the contest is between incumbent Jack Markell (D) and Jeff Cragg (R). Markell is allegedly drawing from far greater campaign fund resources, and won decisively in 2008 with 67% of the vote. On Friday, 40,000 Delaware public school students voted in a mock election to re-elect Markell. On Tuesday, it’s likely that the national election will election follow suit. 

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