How to stop autoplaying videos on Facebook and save your phone’s data

All those videos playing while you scroll your Facebook timeline are eating up your data — and you’re probably not even watching them. What a waste!

Facebook’s autoplay videos are annoying and unnecessary. Thankfully, there’s a simple way to stop them from playing on your smartphone.

Open your Facebook app, and hit the three little lines at the bottom-right corner.

Tap this to get to Settings

Then go to settings.

Go to Settings here.

From there, hit “account settings.”

Tap Account Settings

To get to video settings, tap “videos and photos.”

Go to Videos and Photos.

You can change the autoplay settings here.

Here you’ll find the autoplay options.

The final step is choosing “never autoplay videos.”

Choose “Never Autoplay Videos.”

And that’s it! This should save you some data, battery life and peace of mind.

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