West Virginia Election Results: LIVE Presidential Polls Here Predict Romney As the Winner


Real Clear Politics has West Virginia listed in their states that are “solidly” for former Governor Romney. The governor is up 21% in recent polls. Most predictors indicate that the state will go red in the presidential race.

West Virginia has 5 electoral votes and 3 congressional districts.

To add some color to the Senate race — former actor, and Hook pirate, Jesse Johnson, is once again running on the Mountain Party ticket. According to AP reports, Republican contender John Raese destroyed two miles of wetlands to build a private golf course, without federal approval. Raese, who may face criminal charges from the EPA for violations of the Clean Water Act, has focused his campaign on abolishing federal agencies such as the EPA, as well as comparing smoking bans to Hitler’s branding of Jews. Incumbent Democrat Joe Manchin, who has been proactive in West Virginia storm relief, remains ahead in the polls by 39%.

With no close congressional contests, West Virginia’s state legislature results will be the ones to watch. Currently under Democratic control, nearly $3 million has been spent on advertising, according to the AP on Monday morning, as Republicans fight to regain the majority.  

Lawrence Messina for the AP notes that, “This election is the first to decide who represents districts redrawn after the 2010 Census. Democrats hold majorities in both chambers. While that party dominates the Senate, Republicans need just 16 seats to take over the 100-member House. Even coming close to that goal would affect the balance of power in that chamber.”

All 100 seats in the State House are up for reelection, and 17 out of 34 are opening in the State Senate. 

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