Presidential Election 2012 Coverage LIVE: Obama Wins in Electoral Landslide! Commentary, Analysis and Updates


This coming Tuesday, voters from across the nation will finally come together to elect the next President of the United States.  Tomorrow, the nation will know whether Barack Obama or Mitt Romney will be the next heir to the Oval Office.

The significance of the presidential election is being felt worldwide.  When Obama swept into office in 2008, he rode on a wave of hope and change empowered by people everywhere.  This time, he is defending his record against the promised changes of a Romney presidency.  And those promised changes are a large-scale referendum on the policies of the last four years, a referendum that would mean a drastic new course for America in a time of great uncertainty.

From New York, a state that is expected to go to the Democrats, Romney will look to pick up as many votes to add to his popular numbers, but he shouldn’t expect much in the way of Electoral College delegates.

As for the New York State Elections, stay tuned for updates from the statewide elections.  A total of 28 Congressional seats will be determined on Tuesday’s vote, as well as 213 state senate and house seats.  The outcomes will have an impact on the partisan makeup of the state’s legislature.  And with a number of seats in the House up for grabs, the Congressional outcomes will determine the effectiveness of the next President.

PolicyMic will be covering the 2012 election from the state of New York live.  For live updates, bookmark and refresh this page.

Live Update: 11:42 pm That's a wrap!  Obama has done it again!  Looks like the man is back in town

11:30 pm Looks like Obama only needs 35 more Electoral College votes to seal the deal according to the NYTimes, let's go 'bama!

11:24 pm Am I crazy, or does each newspaper and each network have different stats going on?  Where exactly should one turn for the real story right now?

10:45 pm Despite all of the legal wrangling, polling stations in places like PA are still giving voters a hard time, whatever happened to good old fashioned democracy?

10:17 pm So, from the reporting so far, it sounds like the swing states are still close races, with votes still being counted.  In Florida, the Times reports that Romney is now leading after having overcome a 100,000 vote deficit:

10:07 pm Obama takes Wisconsin!  If he takes Ohio as well that pretty much seals the deal.  With Wisconsin he takes the lead in the Electoral College as well: 157 to Romney's 153...

10:04 pm It will be such a relief to have the final votes counted and this election in the bag....  it feels like this campaign cycle has gone on for ages, I can only imagine how Romney, Obama and their staffs feel right now... 

10:00 pm Obama takes Pennsylvania!  Rock on, another state in the bag

9:56 pm The guy who has a chance at breaking the two party grid lock and finally getting a third party candidate in office!

9:50 pm So the WaPo writes that this election has been about "voters worried about the economy and wary of an activist federal government"  I guess, but it seems to me that voters are worried about the economy and asking why government is not doing more about it....

9:42 pm This just about sums up what elections have become:

9:34 pm It looks like Romney is pulling ahead in Wisconsin, Ryan's homestate...  Acording to the Electoral math, if Romney loses Ohio then his only real pathway to victory includes Wisconsin....  He'll have to hold this lead if he's got a shot, but I wouldn't bet on it

8:49 pm The stats from the NYTimes:

8:48 pm 

8:28 pm After having just read the Signal and the Noise by Nate Silver, I don't think ol' Willard has a real shot at this....  He might win the popular vote, but that don't matter, it's all about the Electoral College and Nate's analysis has Obama winning the absolute majority handily.

8:17 pm It's been a long haul folks, and after a lot of back and forth, and a lot of nonsense, it all comes down to this.  It's either Obama or Romney and it's gonna be a long night.