Colorado Election Results LIVE: Romney Will Likely Turn the State Red Again


Colorado's where I got my start in politics. As a College Republican at Colorado State University, I got the chance to work with great people on some great campaigns. It's exciting to see from a distance that one of the gentlemen that helped me get my job as a field representative with the College Republican National Committee is now the state GOP chair. Another good person I looked up to, State Senator Kevin Lundberg, is running for Congress and has a solid chance to unseat the uber-liberal Congressman Polis from the Republic of Boulder.

Most of all, I'm looking forward to seeing a state where I grew up turn red again. Colorado is an important swing state in this election. In the close battle for votes, the 9 electoral votes are tremendous to both campaigns. Make sure to bookmark this page, as I provide some insight and analysis through election day on what's taking place in Colorado. Also, make sure to check PolicyMic on its coverage throughout the day on the swing states in this presidential election.

PolicyMic will be covering the election live from Colorado. Bookmark and refresh this page throughout the day for all the latest developments.  All times posted will be for the Mountain Time Zone.


6:57P:  Three minutes until closing in Colorado, and the Denver Post reports 7 of 10 active voters have reportedly cast a ballot in the state.

6:35P:  Some of the latest numbers I've gotten from a source in Larimer County, home to the Colorado State Rams (I'm proud to be a CSU Ram).  Right now, GOP voters count roughly 48,000 compared to 40,000 for the Democrats.  Independents number 43,000.  Historically, they break 55%-45% in favor of the Democrats, which puts the GOP up about 3,000 votes in the county.

Four years ago Obama won by about 10%.

3:38P:  I was able to get Denver GOP Wendy Warner on the phone for a few moments to discuss what things look like in the city.  Denver, like most major urban areas, is highly Democratic.  Warner was telling me that the party has had a run on signs with 7,000 to 8,000 given out.  Just about everywhere you're likely to see as many Romney/Ryan signs as Obama/Biden signs.

Volunteers are coming into the party that are Democrats unhappy with the last four years, and they are looking for a change.  She expressed real optimism that Colorado will go for Romney and the results coming out of the City of Denver will go a long way in making sure of that.

3:11P:  Just as a heads up, earling voting and absentee produced 705,085 Republican, 670,355 Democrat and 569,1822 Indepdendent ballots in the state.  Colorado is a closed registration state, meaning you declare your party at registration and can only vote in those primaries.

2:48P:  Well, Colorado Peak Politics is calling the first races in the state - no polling, no evidence.  Just intuition...

Congressman Tipton (2nd) and Congressman Gardner (4th) should easily cruise to reelection.