Afropunk 2017: From women’s braids to men’s natural hair, a celebration of black beauty

This weekend at Afropunk 2017 in Brooklyn, New York, thousands of people gathered together to celebrate and appreciate black culture and beauty. Artists like Solange, SZA, Sampha and Willow Smith performed, and a bevy of black-owned businesses set up shop.

Of course, the people who attended dressed the part too, collectively showcasing a diverse display of beauty. There were people who wore flowers and butterflies in their dreadlocks, people who chose to wear traditional African attire and people who chose to wear their hair natural.

To honor this event, Mic photographed a number of attendees we thought looked particularly extraordinary, and exhibited a sliver of what Afropunk is really about.

Adonis Samuel Tri Vo/Mic
Bessi Semenya Tri Vo/Mic
Alfonso Tri Vo/Mic
Caleesha EvansTri Vo/Mic
Andrew Tay Tri Vo/Mic
Dakota Lee Watson Tri Vo/Mic
Anthony Tri Vo/Mic
Jacarrea GarrawayTri Vo/Mic
Corey Smith-WestTri Vo/Mic
An Afropunk 2017 attendeeTri Vo/Mic
Devin-Norelle Tri Vo/Mic
Kenneth Oveal (left) and JaQuam Mitchell (right)Tri Vo/Mic
JaQuam MitchellTri Vo/Mic
JC and FatimaTri Vo/Mic
Jhay Bastien Tri Vo/Mic
La’Vel Mann Tri Vo/Mic
Karli Sanon Tri Vo/Mic
Kenneth Oveal Tri Vo/Mic
Afropunk 2017 attendees Tri Vo/Mic
Maga Moura Tri Vo/Mic
Pam Assogba and Mariama SowTri Vo/Mic
An attendee at Afropunk 2017Tri Vo/Mic
Phillip Daniel Tri Vo/Mic
An attendee at Afropunk 2017Tri Vo/Mic