Alabama Election Results: LIVE Presidential Polls Predict Romney Clear Winner

Alabama is also being called “solidly red” according to Real Clear Politics’ latest polls. No recent breakout state poll data is available, but reported in August that Mitt Romney lead 54% to 36% over the president, with only 11% undecided. The state has a long history of voting for Republican presidential candidates. Alabama’s Republican party is eager to celebrate a Romney victory at their Hoover Tactical Firearms party, complete with  firing range.

Alabama has 9 electoral votes and 7 congressional districts.

According to, the state’s seven congressional districts were redrawn in November of 2011 in preparation for Tuesday’s election. Some argued the redistricting benefited Democrats. 

Within the new 2011 borders, all seven incumbent representatives are seeking reelection this year.  Of those seven, only one is a Democrat, Congresswoman Terri Sewell, from the recently created seventh district.

In May, a Republican backed redistricting plan for the 2014 election cycle was approved despite controversial charges of racism and gerrymandering. 

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Update: 8:30 pm: Romney has won Alabama: